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Done by meh!

pinkies version

Done by Pinkie…check out her blog :

Crimson: Intrigue Co. – Giraffe PJs
MyHottMess‘ Pinkie: Intrigue Co. – Cow Pajamas
LikeABoss‘ Julie: Intrigue Co. – Panda Pajamas
Val: Intrigue Co. – Kangaroo PJs
Billy: Intrigue Co. – Dragon Pajamas

All for 100L each. Visit their store  for many other options Intrigue Co.

Pose: -WDK- “Fly Away” group pose w/background : 88L


Song of the day :


Hopefully I can get some pictures done this week that are waaaaaay overdue. By 4 years. Just saying.

Also, keep up with the blog for sales and guest bloggers. No one ever knows what I’ll post.

Until next time,

Much love and waaaaaaater,