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(Starting from left to right)

Lucky Board : –Umi Usagi– 2012 Kimono “USAKO”

Lucky Board : -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- “Candy short dress” PINK

Lucky Board : -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- “Spirit Dancer” white

Lucky Board : –Umi Usagi– “lapine l’uniforme” 5th anniv.

Lucky Board : –Umi Usagi– Elegant Candy -LB-

Lucky Board : –Umi Usagi– USA-long tea


(Starting from left to right)

Lucky Board : -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- Xmas 2011 Coat & Pants

Lucky Board : -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- Xmas 2011 boots

Lucky Board : –Umi Usagi–2012 Xmas “USA-long tea”

Lucky Board : –Umi Usagi– 2012 Xmas “MINI KIMONO”

All outfits can be found at Umi Usagi.


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I have the flu. Boo. So if I’m not posting any blogs…its because I’m sick and trying to sleep it off.

Sorry D;

Much love and hallucinations,