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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

“I’ve got to go home – Oh, baby, you’ll freeze out there
Say, lend me your coat – It’s up to your knees out there
You’ve really been grand – Thrill when you touch my hair
But don’t you see – How can you do this thing to me?
There’s bound to be talk tomorrow – Think of my life long sorrow
At least there will be plenty implied – If you caught pneumonia and died
I really can’t stay – Get over that hold out
Ah, but it’s cold outside
Oh, baby, it’s cold outside”

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside Close-Up

Shape: [laV]ish – ValorySHAPE
Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley
Eyes: adoness: montium eyes: stream *NEW*
Freckles: Pink Acid Freckles Make-Up Pack
Lashes: *MonCheri* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes w/HUD *NEW*
Teeth: DeetaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing *NEW*
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* – Journee *NEW*

Eyeliner: [:: JesyDream ::] Betty Eyeliner 1 *NEW*
Lipstick: Lovely Mi – Smooch Blue Lips @THE FASHION FAIR

Face Piercing: .Pekka. Unknown Unisex Piercing

Vest: blah.BLAH.blah Snowflake Winter Padded Vest – Black @THE FASHION FAIR
Pants: [REVE] Bianca Pants_4 *NEW*
Shoes: Ducknipple – Chipolata Boots w/HUD *NEW*

Purse: Loordes of London – Pachia Purse – 5 @THE FASHION FAIR
Scarf: J&A Rock Culture – Mesh Scarf Open @THE FASHION FAIR

//elephante poses// Dream w/wand @GEEKS’N’NERDS FAIR


Don’t forget to come back for more newness!

Much love,


Hung Up

Good afternoon peoples! How are y’all doing? Well, woke up to not-so-good weather but the POOL PEOPLE are here. Yessiree, get that pool ready. Val needs a tan!


I’m bringing you Mmm…Kay!s new Ruffled Swimsuit. This one is a group gift…so you must…GET IT. Its mesh, comes in different sizes and oh so cute.

Next we have Loordes of Londons Callay Boots that will be at Steal&Deals. So cheap its almost illegal. Loordes of London has these shoes in multiple colors so go find the best one for you.

I’m also wearing Baubles! by Phe new Recoil bracelets and earrings. It also comes with a choker that I chose not to wear. You can find this at their mainstore. Fancy smancy.

And finally, we have Sup Poses new Fallen For You. Comes with different animations and is definitely a must. I mean, look at how fun this picture is. Goooo get it.

Hung Up

“You got the style, you got the flavor
I want you now, I want you later
I’m hung up, so let’s get down tonight
Floating around, a couple of gypsies
Shaking it up, we’re getting tipsy
You show me yours
Cause Imma show you mine”

Shape: ValorySHAPE
Skin: [Al Vulo!] – [Debbie] Fatpack
Eyes + Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyes + Lashes – MeganBlue-
Makeup: [IREN] -Makeup- Group gift – Eyelashes
Makeup: Evian – Aphrodite Fatpack – Peach Gloss
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Stars :: Face tattoo
Hair: TRUTH – Chynna
Swimsuit: Mmm…Kay! Ruffled Swimsuit *Group gift*
Shoes: Loordes of London-Callay Boots-P&A *@Steals&Deals*
Bracelets: Baubles! by Phe – Recoil *new*
Pose: Sup Poses Fallen For You *new*

Alrighty peoples, time for some lunch, me hungry. Me no eat for long time. Trying to sound caveman’ish. Did it work? Merrr. Anyways, don’t forget to come back for some newness!

Much love,


Gift Of A Friend

My Juju Bean asked if we could blog together, of course, I can never deny the girl. She shows up at my house in an outfit I was going to blog. Well, this works out perfectly because now I can kill two birds with one stone.

I’m wearing Loordes of Londons Lady Wears Prazda Camisole. Its found at Steals&Deals for only 50L. They are one of my new sponsors along with Pure Contagion. I’m excited. Its a whole new world for me out there and it all keeps me busy. Next, we have Ducknipples Slacker Pants. Comes with a color-changing HUD for pants and belt. Gotta love those HUDs. Seriously.

Juju Bean is wearing ::Badazzle Designs:: Trouble romper. This is perfect, I love blogging with people who have the same sponsors as me. ANYWAYS, this romper also comes with the shoes. Its mesh, cute, and can fit any avi. Doesn’t she look adorable? Yessireeeee yes she does!

Gift Of A Friend

“The world comes to life
And everything’s bright
From beginning to end
When you have a friend
By your side
That helps you to find
The beauty you are
When you open your heart
And believe in
The gift of a friend”


Shape: ValorySHAPE
Skin: [Al Vulo!] – [Polly 2] Fatpack
Eyes + Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyes + Lashes – MeganBlue-
Makeup: Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up
Makeup: [IREN] -Makeup- Group gift – Eyelashes
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Stars :: Face tattoo
Hair: [Decoy Hair] Leah
Shirt: Loordes of London -Lady Wears Prazda-Camisole-Pink (only 50L) *new* *@ Steals&Deals*
Pants: Ducknipple – Slacker Pants w/HUD *new*
Necklace: KOSH – Multiplex Necklace
Bracelet: KOSH – Multiplex Bracelet

-Juju Bean-

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Essie – cupcake
Eyes: .A N A T O M Y. Kawaii Eyes [pink] *@ Kawaii Fair*
Skin: Al Vulo- Sally Natural 2 Sunkissed
Eyelashes: Pink Acid Heart On Eyelashes Only
Dimples: .:{ CQ }:. Sweet Dimples Piercing
Blush: Pink Acid Photo Studio Blush – Pink/Magenta
Outfit: ::badazzle designs:: Trouble Romper (comes with shoes) *new*

Yay, another one done! Look at me being all productive. 😛 So, LockUp is now done and over with, now I’m on a Roseanne kick. I’ve seen every single episode but it never gets old. I could watch this show forevers. Freaking geeks me out. Which puts me in a better mood. I totally woke up on the wrong side of the….couch this morning. Hahaha. Keep coming back for some more posts!

Much love,


Hey There Delilah

Hello everyone! Are you ready for all this newness?
First off, I’m one of the bloggers at [ Room69 ]. This is an event that will happen every month and everything will be 69L. So I’m bringing you two pairs of shoes that will look amazing on you and will be a must-have for your inventory. First we have Loordes of London-Pure Contagion II-DK Taupe heels. Aren’t they cute? Next we have Daisys Pumps Fucsia from Girlicious. They come with a skin-color HUD so you can match them up with your skin. Nice, right? I’ve never really been a shoe collector. But after these, I might start.

Next we have two dresses that are new from 20.FIVE. They’re both mesh and also come with color-changing HUDs. The first dress is called Beaded Dress. The details are in the neckline. Which is super cute. The next one is called Fresh Dress. Vibrant colors and a great neckline.

And finally, I’m using //elephante poses// new Kawaii Licks. If you haven’t guessed by now, its at the Kawaii Fair that is still going on! So hurry up and get there!

Hey There Delilah

“Hey there Delilah
I’ve got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away
I’d write it all
Even more in love with me you’d fall
We’d have it all”

-Look One-

Shape: ValorySHAPE
Skin: [Al Vulo!] – [Polly 2] Fatpack
Eyes + Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyes + Lashes – MeganBlue-
Makeup: [LLQ] Liquid Eyeliner
Makeup: Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ginger Mesh Hair
Dress: 20.FIVE Mesh – Beaded Dress *new*
Shoes: Loordes of London-Pure Contagion II-DK Taupe *Exclusive at [ Room69 ]*
Pose: //elephante poses// Kawaii Licks *Exclusive at Kawaii Fair*

-Look Two-

Shape: ValorySHAPE
Skin: [Al Vulo!] – [Polly 2] Fatpack
Eyes + Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyes + Lashes – MeganBlue-
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kalista
Dress: 20.FIVE Mesh Fresh Dress *new*
Shoes: Girlicious – Daisys Pumps Fucsia *new at [ Room69 ]*
Pose: //elephante poses// Kawaii Licks *Exclusive at Kawaii Fair*

I really need to work on my manshape. Its horrible. I look like…a window-licking butthole. Buuuuuut I really need to start advertising manstuffs. Mmhmm. Finally got SL to work. So thats a good thing. Got a few pictures of outfits to blog this week. Just wish SL wasn’t so bi-polar.


^^dunno why I did that. Bahahaha.

Much love,