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No Hands

I’ve been obsessing over Marketplace. The next couple of blogs will only have MP locations because I’m a biznotch like that. Holler.

Dress : 

*MESH_One shoulder Dress* (Grey) : Marketplace

Cost : 35L

Hair :

TRUTH – Valeska : Marketplace

Cost : 250L

Tattoo :

.:{KyS}:. Butterfly – Upper Back Tat : Marketplace

Cost : 50L

Dress :

=kk= Flower Mesh Dress Gift : Marketplace

Cost : 1L

This dress didn’t have nice lines and I really didn’t like the bottom, kinda looked like the alpha was too big for the dress. I dunno. Try it out. Only 1L. Might as well, right?


Song of the day : 

Someone accused me of being “No Hands” Valory….so I’ve made it my nickname. 😀


[lav]ishcorner has a new fb page. All you gotta do is like it for deals and blogs.

New & Improved Friendship Bear is now on sale on MP. For Free. Check it out.

Baffle is going out of business and everything is for 55L or less! Weeeee!

Dirty Turkey Hunt is still going on til the end of November.


This is why I hate having a cold :

– You wake up in the morning because you can’t breathe

– Your head feels like its going to explode

– You get extremely crabby and violent. (Maybe thats just me)

– Your nose is all stuffed up and gross and you gag every time you think of how much snot is blocking your airway

But yeah, anyways, finally got a few pictures done last night. Can’t wait to show ya what I did! Weeee! So excited.

Until then,

Much love and cold pills,