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The weekend is finally here! Weeeeee!

I’m so excited to show ya my new family picture!

Some people adopt children. I adopt dogs.

Meet Bray (pitbull) and Ebony (beagle)!

Ebony being the newest addition.

To get a pet of your own, click here.


Now, onto some clothes!

Outfit :

.::CC::. Heartbeat *White* : Marketplace

Cost : 10L

The shorts in the outfit weren’t really to my liking, but, for 10L, I’ll sport em. Why not, right?

Outfit :

.::CC::. Leopard Pride *Aqua* (Female) *Mesh* : Marketplace

Cost : 10L

Basically, the shoes suck. The alpha and shoe base really didn’t match up with the size of the heel with the shoe. Also, the shoe is a much lighter color than the outfit. Wish it matched more.


I’ve also been busy redecorating my skybox. I’m having a few troubles with SL, it ate my greedy table and a few decorations. Bah, GIMME BACK MY TABLE BITCHES!

Baffle is having a closing sale going on. All items are 55L or less. You know I had to jump on that.

Skybox :

Baffle! [Fairytale Forest] : Marketplace

Cost : 55L

Comes with environment system, not seen in picture because I took it out.

Couch :

KAZZA – Easeful Couch – 5 prims T : Marketplace

Cost : 185L

Game :

 K.R. Engineering Greedy Greedy (Pocket Edition) : In-world

Cost : 1795L


Song of the day :


Well, for today, I get to deal with the cable guy (he better be a hottie), pack my bags, and be off for the weekend.

SL is exhausting, especially the people in it.

Being away gives me time to recuperate and bring my A game by Monday.

Much love and meditation,