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It Will Rain


Shape: ValorySHAPE
Skin: [Al Vulo!] – Vero
Shirt: [Etchaflesh] Bandana Black Scarf Top
Pants: – CHANDELLE – Pants Jen. black
Shoes: .:EC:. Kaelah Boots
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Carmen – black & whites
Make-up: Izzie’s – I’m not feeling very well
***JS***Eyeliner Black 01
Tattoo: .:{KyS}:. Lil’ Hipsters – Stars


Song of the day :


Randomness :

So I’m continuing my love affair with the t.v show Greek. Can’t help myself. One episode, one little part of the episode, caught my attention.

It was the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. (Greek Myths)

Basically, they fall madly in love with each other. Eurydice dies and Orpheus is heartbroken. So Orpheus travels to the Underworld and  convinces Hades and Persephone to let her go. Trick was, Orpheus had to walk in front of Eurydice the entire way back without looking back at her. They were barely out of the gate when they heard a strange sound behind them, making Orpheus look back at Eurydice. They lock eyes for just a second and in the next second, she was sucked back into the Underworld.

I don’t know why that caught my attention. Its the sweetest yet….most depressing thing I’ve heard in awhile.



ANYWAYS, due to health reasons, I should be around more. Maybe. It all depends if I finish up Greek or not. Just saying. If you don’t know my current state with my health…lets just say, I’m in pain and I can’t sleep because of it.

We’ll see what happens next,

Much love and Greekness,


P.S I really don’t like editing pictures, but, wanted to edit the one up above. Kinda looks like something off a Twilight poster. Bahahahaha.

If Anyone Asks…

Shirt :

.:OD:. Mesh Lazy Tank Freebie (Dead) : In-world

Cost : 0L


Tattoo :

!::Wicked Tattoos:: Rhythm Tattoo : In-world

Cost : 200L


Tears :

Izzie’s – I’m not feeling very well : In-world or Marketplace

Cost : 100L


Shorts :

.:scrts:. Shorts – Washed Grey Denim : In-world (Jersey Shore)

Cost : 50L

To be honest, I hate these shorts. Such a disappointment to me. I think the shorts make me look like I have a wee-wee. I should have tried on the demo, but, they were mesh and only 50L. Bah. So disappointed. Why does it look weird in the crotch area?! I swear I’m not hiding anything down there….well, besides a vajaja.

I would NOT waste your money on these shorts.


Song of the night :


Time for me to go cuddle my teddy bear, eat my chocolate bar, and watch some sappy movie that’ll probably make me cry. One of those nights. Ugh.

“Sometimes we have to let go of what’s killing us, even if it’s killing us to let go.”

Sadface. On that note…

Much love and teddy bears,

Will Not

So last week I wanted to change up my skybox…with the help of my roomie…this is what we came up with together.

Yep! Camp gear. Wooo! I’ve had an actual house, trailer park, a skybox house thingy, Mario Kart castle thingy, and now a campsite. Weee!

My favorite comment ever from one of my ideas for land was…

Astro: Funny how many people aspire to live in a castle or a mansion or other lovely home in SL. Valory aspires to live in a trailer lol

See, I’m awesome


[what next] Bear Canyon Big Camping Set : Marketplace

Cost : 1700L

Tons of single and couple poses, tons of things to do with it, and its modify. I could spread out the sleeping bags so it wasn’t so cramped up together. I believe the whole thing is copy/mod except for the animations. Definitely worth buying the set instead of the individual products. (they offer it if you don’t want the entire set)


Jacket : 

.:EC:. Joe Biker Jacket : Marketplace

Cost : 100L

Comes with a HUD to change colors of the jacket, multiple alpha sizes, and its awesome. I feel like such a hardass. Well, unless I’m in the pink, then I just feel like a Pink Lady…ya know? From Grease? No? Okay. *sticks out her tongue*


Pants :

Izzie’s – Leather Pants black : Marketplace

Cost : 70L


Top Stories :

Magika has a new group hair out! Make sure you stop and get it.

Ricielli has a Halloween sale. All black, red, orange, and purple items for 100L.

Odd Dele has a mini hunt for Halloween going on. For clues go to her blog, aciidicblog.

Depraved Nation has a huge GACHA collection for Halloween. Check it out. Multiple stores represented. I love Gacha machines.


Song of the day :


Don’t forget about the photo contest! Don’t wait until last minute!

For more information click here.


I’ve had way too much coffee…and I gotta get ready to go to the cellphone store. TOUCHSCREEN PHONES can suck my nuts, if I had any. Just saying. Ugha.

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Much love and half a gallon of coffee,