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Any stores interested in being a sponsor for the [LAV]ISHCORNER blog, feel free to contact me in-world @ Valorymarie Resident with a notecard.

I don’t blog for the free stuff. I didn’t start taking on sponsors til my blog was already close to a year old. I don’t require free stuff but I do have to shop at your store. If you are considering me to be a blogger for your store, please ask yourself if my style fits your style. I feel bad turning down stores because their style is nowhere near what I like.

I do not and can not blog everything that you hand out. I’ll try my damndest, but its just time-consuming. I do have a RL that I need to tend to…just like you. 😀

I try to blog at least 3+ times a week. If you like what you hear so far, contact me! I’ve left a bunch of contact info below. If not, have a great day!

-Contact Info-









If you are a blog sponsor and haven’t been active in awhile, I’ll keep your links up til you get back. 😀

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