A Bloggers Life…

I started this catagory on my blog…basically so I could bitch and moan about things that are bugging me.

Todays topic : Bloggers!

Who would’ve thunk? I mean, I’ve been a blogger for over 3 years. Almost 3 on this blog itself.

So what am I gonna bitch about? Bloggers applying for store sponsors.

You go around looking at the “requirements” on applications and its laughable now. Most applications I’ve seen have the same requirements:

  1. Blog must be 3+ months old
  2. Be in 3+ feeds (sometimes I even see 5+ feeds)
  3. Must have over 10k in views

You get where I’m going, right?

Not anymore! I’ve seen so many “new” blogs getting high-end sponsors because of the friends they have. Sponsors that I couldn’t even get, even when I fulfill all the requirements. Yeah, my pictures aren’t the best. Yeah, I don’t spend 15 hours on one blog post or spend hours and hours editing the pictures in photoshop hell.

Point being?

I get your store owner friends want to help you out. Start ya off on a good note. I really do. Is it fair though? People who’ve had blogs for years aren’t getting a chance to blog for the store because your newbie butt is taking space.

I guess I’m just tired of getting rejected from stores and seeing blogs that are a week old fulfilling the position I wanted.

I’ll keep on applying. And applying. And applying. Maybe one day, they’ll get so tired of me applying, they’ll just let me in. 😛

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