Adios! Farewell!

As some of you have noticed, I haven’t been around…nor have I been blogging.

I apologize to my sponsors…and if you haven’t received a NC from me…well, oopsie! Thought I sent one out to all owners/blogger managers.

Reason why I’m not blogging?


  1. I have a new relationship and have…pretty much moved in with him.
  2. My health issues are becoming more…UGH. I’ve been to the doctor/urgent care/hospital more times this summer than I have my entire life.
  3. My cousin is pregnant and the ‘baby daddy’ is not around. Therefore I’m taking over. I’m taking care of her other daughter, taking care of her, etc. Pregnant ladies are nutsos.
  4. I’ve received a new position at work and I’m writing a book. You’ll know its my book because I’ll be using a pen name…either Brooklyn Riots or Valory Montgomery.


I will come back. I always do. In the meantime, hope there are no hard feelings.

Much love,



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