Address in the Stars

Family isn’t always blood. Sometimes in life you choose your family. I have a mother who I could never connect with. Certain circumstances from the past prevent me from even trying to get close with her. So I’m always looking for a mother figure in my life, because I’m severely lacking in that department. Glenda, among a few others, I consider my ‘moms’. They’re the ones that sat there, listened to me, cared for me, and shared tons of laughs with.


Glenda. What can I say about this woman? We could drive around town, say hello to everyone on the streets, flash our tits at dudes on Harleys, and go crazy on men in costume at our towns Comic-Con. She was so incredibly happy that it just radiated off of her. When she was in the hospital for 5 days, she found out she had stomach cancer. She cried for about two hours and then she was back to herself. She was going to fight. She always told us, with everything that life has thrown at her, cancer wasn’t gonna get her.

Now, I’m about to tell ya about the day that changed my life.

September 6th was the last day that I saw her. She was so excited to go spend the weekend with her mom and brother. I helped her pack the car, find her clothes that she needed washed, and helped her pick out the jewelry that she was gonna wear to Church that Sunday. She had rededicated her life to God and she always wanted to look her best. Seriously, down to her freaking nails. She had a nail collection that was bigger than Walgreens. I don’t remember if I told her that I loved her. No freaking idea.

On September 8th, I headed over to her house to hang out with her kids. Samantha (19) and Courtney (20). We were playing Black Ops 2 when we looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:30am. We figured we’d call Glendas brother to see if she was on her way home, he said yes, so we went back to playing. A couple hours later, no sign of her. We called Glendas moms cell phone (she was coming over too) but no answer. We called hospitals, police stations, friends, family, and we even posted a status.


Nothing. I was going to file a MISSING PERSONS REPORT by 8pm, cause I knew Glendas mom always went to bed early, and if they hadn’t showed up….something was really wrong.

I called the house phone to leave a message for her when she got back. It said something like, ‘Glenda, I love you to bits, but you are grounded. So grounded. You are not allowed to leave the house except to take Sam to work and back. Get your butt home.’

I figured that’d give her a good laugh.

Around 6pm, that night, the house phone rang. Courtney went to answer it. All of a sudden, Courtney is on her knees crying, saying ‘No, no, no, no.’ We all looked at her. She asked about her grandma and then cried even harder. Both of them were gone. Dead. Forever. Courtney and Samantha were hysterical to the point where I had to take the phone from Courtney and talk to the Detective. I went to the other room and my first question was ‘Are you sure its her?’ He said yes. I choked on tears. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I, still to this day, can’t imagine the pain that Glendas daughters are going through.

Turns out that both Glenda and her mom were in a car accident around 12:30pm. They swerved from the East-bound lane into the West-bound and hit another car. We still don’t know what happened…or why she was going the wrong way. She was suppose to be going West-bound.

My dad, sister, and brother all had a relationship with Glenda. Glendas family was my family. Don’t care if there was no blood shared.

With the car being totaled, I’ve been helping out the daughters. There are 5 total, but only 2 of them lived with her. And those 2 were the ones dealing with the funeral arrangements. 19 & 20…planning their mom and grandmas funerals. Of course I had to be there. How could I let my ‘sisters’ deal with this on their own? Not only do I help them with driving them around, but I drive around my sister and mom too. Which takes up most of my day. I’m not complaining, but my back sure is.

I have a bulging disc + some other back/leg problems. Driving hurts after awhile. I’ve been having these problems for almost a year now and I wish it’d just go away.

Totally getting off the subject here.

Anyways, Glenda didn’t have any car insurance nor life insurance. Samantha is the only one that has a job and its part-time. Courtney came back from outta state to help Glenda with her cancer treatments a week before the car accident. Now Courtney is trying to find a job and Sam is trying to pick up as many hours as her work will give her. Because of the new insurance crapola, her store no longer offers full-time. With bills piling up, they’re afraid they’ll lose the apartment. They have nowhere to go if they lose this apartment. Their family can’t help. I wish it was different, but its not.

I don’t want them living on the streets, I don’t want them moving into a shelter, don’t want them hitting rock bottom after they’ve already lost their mom and grandma.

So we set up a Donation Fund for them. I’ve posted about it before HERE. We’ve also set up a fundraiser HERE if you would like to donate via internet.

Through everything, I wanna stay positive. I spend everyday trying not to think about how I won’t ever see Glenda again. Or her mom. I don’t wanna think about how we won’t ever get those matching tattoos we were gonna get. How we’ll never go on our EPIC roadtrip we were gonna take in the spring. I don’t wanna think about how I’m missing this huge chunk of my heart because shes gone.



(the last pics I got with Glenda…the last pic, she got yelled at for pinching the robots ass)

So don’t judge me based off my facebook/SLXConnect/Plurk posts. Sometimes I’m in a good mood, but sometimes, I’m so far gone that I just rather not post anything at all. Also, hope you all have a better understanding of why I haven’t been posting blogs as much as I used to.



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