Party in the USA

Hi everyone! I know, I know, its been a long ass time since I’ve posted. Well, first off, HAPPY 4th of JULY! Now, lets get to business. I’m using (FreshFace) new skin called Petunia. Using the ‘Olive’ skin, of course, but it comes in different skin tones. Next, I’m using .:Panda Punx:. Body Shop Rocker Lipsticks (Cherry) from [Room69]. If you don’t know what [Room69] is…its an event where a bunch of stores come together each month and sell stuff for only 69L! What else is new? The shirt I’m wearing! Its from Kennedy’s and its called “4th of July”…and guess what! Its a freebie! Go snatch it up before its gone for good. Next up, we have Forever Young‘s Duke shorts. They come with a color-changing HUD and are uber cuteness. Its a must have. I’m also wearing = Baby Butterfly = Big Horns. They come in different colors and you can also find this at [Room69]. How could you pass that up? And lastly, we have //elephante poses// Pump It. You will never guess where you can get this…okay, okay…you can find this at THE FIST PUMP 3 HUNT! Holy crap newness!

Party in the U.S.A Close-Up

Party in the U.S.A

“So I put my hands up
They’re playing my song,
And the butterflies fly away
I’m noddin’ my head like yeah
Movin’ my hips like yeah
I got my hands up,
They’re playin’ my song
I know I’m gonna be OK
Yeah, it’s a party in the USA”

Shape: ValorySHAPE
Skin: (FreshFace) Petunia Fatpack – Olive *NEW*
Eyes + Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyes + Lashes – MeganBlue-
Makeup: [IREN] -Makeup- Group gift – Eyelashes
Makeup: .:Panda Punx:. Body Shop Rocker Lipsticks (Cherry) @[ROOM69]
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Stars :: Face tattoo
Hair: TRUTH Lykie
Shirt: Kennedy’s “4th of July” Freebie *NEW*
Shorts: Forever Young – Dukes w/HUD *NEW*
Horns: = Baby Butterfly = Big Horns Fatpack @[ROOM69]
Pose: //elephante poses// Pump It @FIST PUMP 3 HUNT

Annnnnnnd my graphics suck, guess I’m gonna have to work on Firestorm since Singularity is a douche. Sorry bout that! Just realized it. Bahumbug.

Don’t forget to come back for more newness, hopefully the graphics will be better.

Much love,


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