Summer Booze-Fest Photo Contest

photo contest


1.) lavishcorner needs to be visible somewhere in the picture

2.) Have fun!

NO-NO’s :

1.) Do NOT slap [lav]ishcorner on a picture you’ve already done. I want fresh! I want new! I want…..a puppy. Not the point though.

2.) Do NOT put your name/store ad in the picture.

3.) Do NOT send in multiples of the same picture.



What kind of picture?

I don’t care if you draw it by hand, draw it in paint, use a SL picture, etc. As long as its not a RL picture or a reused picture.


What should be in the picture?

YOU! Your friends! You and your friends! You, your friends, and your bazillion cats! Don’t care. Oh! And lavishcorner! Duhhhhhh. Represent!


What is the theme?

Summer Booze-Fest! You can do a Summer-y picture, you can do a boozey picture, you can do a Summer-y boozey picture. As long as it fits with the theme. Entries that don’t fit the theme will not count.


Why is [lav]ishcorner holding a contest?

I’ve been gambling and I’m up quite a few lindens. 😛


Will the entries be shown on [lav]ishcorner?

The Winner will have their picture on my page til the next contest. It could be a very long time til the next contest. Just saying.


Who are the judges?

I’ve got a few RL friends and a few SL friends that will be judging.


Where should I send my entry?

You can either send it through :

Facebook or In-world @ Valorymarie Resident

I’m always around on either one. Do NOT post the pictures on my wall.


How will the pictures be judged?

By a point system :

50+ representation of the theme(s)

20+ judges pick

20+ relates to the blog/owner of blog (aka represents the blog well)

10+ [lav]ishcorner is visible on the picture

Bonus points will be given for :

– making judges laugh


Can I send in more than one picture?



Any other questions/concerns….please contact me via facebook or In-world. (info is above)

Much love,


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