So I decided that I’m going to start a new category in my blog called ‘[lav]ish thoughts‘ just because I love to write and….bitch about things.

Now, as you can see in the title, I’m gonna talk about blogging.

This past year has shown me alot about bloggers and designers. I’m a blogger. Not a designer. Wish I had the patience and know-how to make things, but I choose not to do it. So props to those who do.


I didn’t know a damn thing about SL Feeds, applying to stores, etc etc til a few months ago. I bought everything I had and blogged about. Why did I start applying to stores and SL Feeds? Because I want people to see what I’ve bought. Especially since I’m on a budget. (People love cheap shit!) Plus, I love helping out my friends with stores who need more exposure.

I do NOT blog for the free stuff.

Yes, I do receive some free goodies here and there. Yes, I do try to blog every single item. If store owners are giving you free shit, that is money out of their pocket,  and you bet your ass I’ll blog it. They took the time and effort into making that outfit, therefore they should get the credit in my blog.

There are blogs EVERYWHERE in Secondlife now. I didn’t do it because its a ‘trend’ now. I do it because I like to talk alot, take pictures, and because I have the worst ex-stoner memory in the world and its alot easier to look back on blog posts to see what I’ve worn, rather than trying to find it in my inventory. My inventory is….a huge mess.



Stop messaging stores for free shit. Its giving some of us a bad name.


Thank you for creating clothes/houses/etc so we, the bloggers, have something to blog about.

Now here’s a video to put a smile on your face

Get baby feverrrrrrrr everyone!


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