If I Didn’t Have You


“I’m safe in your arms, you rescue me.
When I’m weak, you’re strong
If you were gone I don’t know where I’d be”

Shape: ValorySHAPE
Skin: [Al Vulo!] – [Polly 2] w/freckles
Eyes + Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyes + Lashes – MeganBlue-
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Stars :: Face Tattoo
Hair: Magika [01] Push
Shirt: [Decoy] Izzie Cardigan
Shorts: ::VMC:: Thammy Casual Outfit
Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci Vintage Wedge – Moonglow
Lingerie: !Blah. (My Petit Amour Lingerie/WCF Exclusive)
Necklace: [FD] Star Necklace


Song of the day :

Cutest song everrrrrrrr.


I’m doing some events in this game called Sociolotron so blogging is the last thing on my mind right now. I’m also getting sick and I’ve been hella sleepy lately. Its just not my week. Bahumbug. Even though this might not be the best week for me, I’m still smiling. Its been a permanent fixture on my face for awhile now.

One thing people should remember…no matter how horrible your life is, how sad you’re feeling, theres always something out there to make you smile. Find it, embrace it, and keep on smiling. Life is really too short to be wasting hours, days, weeks, months, years in the dumps. Just saying.

Much love and smiles,


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