Showing off my new skybox decor.


*sMoov* – Midnight LoungeMarketplace – 299L
.:: PaPiLLoN Design ::. Circular & Sculpted Branches PackMarketplace – 75L
.::PaPiLLoN Design::.- Pandora’s Tree of Souls – Pack 3Marketplace – 98L
.:: PaPiLLoN Design ::. IVY TreesMarketplace – 98L

I think it fits my very colorful personality.


Song of the day :



{TORN} is having a weekend sale. 15-50% off  the entire store. Ends on Sunday.

Elikatira has their hair sale going on. Ends in a month, pretty much. Check it out.

Truth District ‘s Winter Sale is still going on.

And someone go check to see if Kyoot still has their sale going on.  #lazybishstatus


So I’ve been thinking…what if America isn’t just fat because of what we eat. What if America is fat because of all the medication we’re taking. I know I’ve gained a few pounds on my medication when I barely have an appetite. Is your mind blown? I THINK SO. 

Also, I have monkey toes. And boobies. Wanna see my boobies?





Keep scrolling for my boobies….






Did ya really think I was gonna show ya my boobies? Ha! So many people fell for my ‘boobie showing’ last night. Its the troll in me. Mwahahaha.

Anyways! I gotta pack for the weekend. Off to play with my goddaughter and watch Disney movies.

Much love and monkey toes,


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