Locked Out of Heaven



Shape: ValorySHAPE
Skin: [Al Vulo!] – [Polly 2]
Shirt: .::Killa DesignZ::. Black mesh cropped sweater & white tank <<Must See!
Pants: – .Swag Nation. Mesh Athletic ::BitchPack::
Shoes: **Dirty Princess** Sport Beauty Princess Outfit w/Sneakers
Hair: >TRUTH< Chynna – black & whites <<Found at Truth District for half off!
Make-up: ***JS***Eyeliner Black 01
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo ::Stars:: Face Tattoo


Song of the day :


Guess what I haven’t done in awhile?



Me: you ugly
Bear: oh thanks
Me: lol
Bear: ?
Bear: well you dated it
Bear: whats that say about you
Bear: 😛
Me: lol i have really bad taste?
Bear: ouchh
Me: man, im on a roll today
Bear: brb burn unit


Me: if i ever become a serial killer
Me: i wanna be one of those killers that get to about 50+ kills before they catch me
Bear: wut.
Bear: (rofl) you.. a serial killer
Bear: dats cute
Me: lol
Me: i could become one!
Bear: why would you
Me: im just saying
Bear: “sarah palin is on the loose killin mofos”
Bear: ah ha ha.
Me: *slaps you* I AM NOT SARAH PALIN


Dele: you have no idea lol
Me: lol did you just yoda yell at us
Dele: yes


Romy: one day we’ll have vassholes.
Me: and shart all day errrrrrrrday


Me: seriously, im at genius-level right now.
Liq: lol orly
Me: its prolly the booze…but im gonna take the credit


Me: you missed it
Me: i was calling everyone crying
Me: said my bird died
Me: i dont have a bird
Me: but i got a kick out of it
Ace: youre dumb lol
Me: lol i was bored!


Me: you know back in the day
Me: people would have dowry’s
Me: for marriage
Me: like 3 goats and 14 shillings
Me: well HOW many goats do you think you’re worth
Kiki: a million
Kiki: jk
Kiki: LOL idk
Me: bish, you are not worth a million goats
Kiki: shitttt.
Kiki: im worth 1 maybe
Kiki: a half a goat
Kiki: nah. the ass
Kiki: im worth an ass of a goat
Me: lmao


Pinkie: hopefully
Pinkie: they give you gooddrugs
Pinkie: and subscribe more beer
Me: we’re in wisconsin, of course more beer!
Pinkie: rolfhahaa


Julie: i am eating chef boy r dee
Julie: and thught of u
Me: hahaha


Speed: :O
Me: :O
Speed: :O:O
Me: :O:O:O
Speed: :O:O:O:O
Speed: damn it!
Me: haha you lose
Speed: shit fire and save matches
Me: 😛



Truth District still has their Winter Sale. Good luck trying to get on the sim. People have been having problems.

Elikatira has a retirement sale going on. 70% off and once the sale ends, the items will disappear.

Tytties is having a sale. 25L Ends tonight? Lola Tango appliers only.


Thank you Bear for guest blogging for the past couple of days. You make an excellent woman 😛

Now its time to get off the comp and go workout…a little bit.

Much love and stupid workouts,


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