Come Wake Me Up


(Starting from the left)

Midnight Mania : EC Box Rachelle [Green]

Midnight Mania : EC Shani Purple

Lucky Chair : EC Box SoFiA

Lucky Chair : EC Box Valentine 2012

Lucky Chair : EC Box Elora [Blue]

Lucky Chair :  EC Box MindY [Nude]

Midnight Mania : EC Paige Minidress Purple

And you can find all these at Enelya’s Creations .:EC:.

Tons of Mania Boards, Lucky Chairs, and a shit ton of outfits for sale. Go check it out.


Song of the day :



Magika has a new Christmas hair up for anyone who is subscribed to their updates.

Killa DesignZ has a new Christmas Gift out, you can find it on the counter.

Dirty Laundry has opened in-world! Go slap the board and check out the store.

And [LAV]ISHCORNER wants to welcome all the new sponsors. If you would like to be listed…contact me on facebook or in-world.


Keep coming back for more,

Much love and peanut butter cups,


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