I’ll Be Home


Hanging out with the boyfriend. Yes, he’s a nutcracker. Don’t you know the perks of dating a nutcracker?

1.) Strong mouth muscles *wink wink*

2.) Quiet unless he’s cracking my nuts. (Not my literal nuts since I have a veevee where a peepee is suppose to be)

3.) And I never have to tell him to sit up in church because he never slouches.

You can get your own nutcracker and other Christmas toys at this marketplace store for free!

Now onto some free outfits…


(Starting from the left)

Group Gift : <Toxic Bish> Bedtime Romper Set

Group Gift : <Toxic Bish> Christmas Bish (even comes with Lola Tango Appliers)

Group Gift : Dress

Group Gift : DRESS

They do have lucky boards. I’ve just been so busy IRL that I didn’t get to them.

You can get these group gifts and check out the lucky chairs at <Toxic Bish>!


Song of the day :


I’m celebrating Christmas with my family this upcoming weekend. So guess who’ll be home for Christmas? This girl!

Maybe I’ll get a Santa suit and start scaring people in my apartment building….you know, hiding in spots and then pop out at them.



Much love and mistletoe,


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