So this month I’ve decided to do things differently.


Cause I’m trying SO HARD not to spend my Christmas money on clothes when I have presents to buy.

Anyways, I’ll be blogging about lucky chair outfits/free outfits. So everything you see outfit-wise, will be free.

Now onto the clothes!


(Starting from the left)

Lucky Chair : :: alterego :: Bitchslapped- lime

Lucky Chair : :: alterego :: Bitchy- Pink

Lucky Chair : :: alterego :: Skanktastic- Watermelon

Group Gift : :: alterego :: Winter – group gift

Lucky Chair : :: alterego :: Captured -grey

And you can find these outfits at ::AlterEgo::

Join the group! The owner is making it free to join til the end of December, otherwise, its 250L. So JOIN NOW.

And she’s having a retirement sale for her Toxxic 2 Sim. 75% off ! Only Dec 7-10th. And ONLY on  Toxxic 2. After the sale, some will go on marketplace, and some will disappear forevers. So check it out!


Song of the day :


Until next time,

Much love and lucky chairs,


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