Kiss Kys!

Pants :

.Swag Nation. Mesh Athletic ::BitchPack:: : Marketplace

Cos t: 35L

Fatpack with sweatpants…wee! All mesh.

Top :

.:: DELISH ::. Swimsuits V28 – Camo – 11 *Almost FREE* : Marketplace

Cost : 1L

Shoes : 

Blackburns Mesh High Tops Black Unisex : Marketplace

Cost : 29L

Hair :

Leah Fatpack : In-world

Cost : Freee

The 30th is the last day to go pick up your free fatpacks! Go now!

Tattoos :

.:{KyS}:. Butterfly ~ Upper Back Tattoo 

Cost : 50L

.:{KyS}:. No Touchy ~ Chest Tattoo

Cost : 50L

.:{KyS}:. Lil’ Hipsters ~ Hip Tattoos ~ Star

Fatpack cost : 150L

Gacha machine : 25L 

In-world or Marketplace

I’m so excited to say that now .:{KyS ThiS}:. Tattoos is now an official sponsor of the [LAV]ISHCORNER blog! Now I don’t have to stalk her as much for new tatts. Weeeeeeee! Go check out her store!


Song of the day :


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as many blogs as I want to…buuuuut, I’ve been editing pictures.

I’ve decided to start a tradition. Do a Winter-y picture every year.

This was last years…

Cute, right?

Now this is the one I did earlier this week.

Nice, eh?

I’ve got to say, if you take pictures in SL for a living, props to ya. My ADD was screaming at me while editing.


This is where I get to embarrass my friends and myself….because I can.


Me: im gonna haz some fun with your box tonight lol
Kystria: LMAOOO that sounds so wrong
Me: but it feels soooo good lol
Kystria: lol!!!


Sixs: im taking a break from sl lol
Me: oh yeah? gonna join a cult?
Sixs: yea, already did
Me: don’t drink the kool-aid
Sixs: *puts the cup down* oh crap
Me: goddammit sixs. now hurry up and put me in your will before you pass out and die
Sixs: *and to Val a lump of coal in a old gym sock* okay done
Me: *peeks over your shoulder and reads what you wrote* ill cherish that piece of coal forevers and evers.


Me: come to me lil hillbilly. ill teach you the yankee ways
Romy: so now i will take over the world. lol lmao


Me: im gonna go shower
Me: if i can get off fb
Ace: okay wash your cooter
Me: will do
Me: im still on fb
Ace: will you think of me when you wash it
Me: ill try not to lol
Ace: why
Ace: youre going to think of me when you do it because i told you to
Ace: so your mind will automatically think about me
Me: pffffft
Ace: sucks for psychology huh
Me: lol
Me: now i don’t wanna go take a shower
Ace: because youll think of me when you touch your pp
Me: ill feel like a whore if i think about you whilst washing my cooter
Ace: you are a whore
Me: not the point
*Later on*
Ace: did you think of me
Me: i did and i went ‘dammit’


Purple: I’ve been everywhere
Me: Catch anything?
Purple: Well, no lumps, bumps, cuts, or anything. So fingers crossed.


Pinkie: lololol
Pinkie: wtfff
Me: hahahahahaha
Pinkie: you know what you make me so mad im gunna stick pizza crust up my butt
Me: wellllllllll
Me: if im eating a piece of pizza….and i see someone take the last piece….
Pinkie: roflhaha


Hey you guys…

Bahahahah effin’ gets me EVERYTIME.


Alrighty, time for me to do my housewife duties. I’m not a wife and I don’t live in a house. And yet, still gotta do the dishes and clean. If only I won the lottery last night. Fuckshitballs.

Much love and dish soap,

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