Once Upon a Time…

Its been awhile since I’ve done an adventure blog.

Soooooo since my parents never took me to Disney World/Land as a kid…I decided to go in SL. Holler

Once Upon a Kingdom

I’m going to admit it, when I first arrived, thought I could ride the train…but then I saw the ramp that leads down to the ticket booths. Once you go through the ticket booth thingys, you see TONS of stores. I mean, TONS. So of course, since I have a shopping problem…I had to check a few out.

I got myself a pair of Minnie ears. The difference between Mickey ears and Minnie ears, there’s a bow. Duh! And plus, it looked super cute with my outfit.  It only costed me 10L. Holler. I love good deals. I would’ve grabbed myself a shirt…but I got distracted when I saw balloons out the door.

The man was really nice and let me pick which color balloon I wanted. Weeee!

Anyways, I continued down the road where I saw the castle. The famous castle. Had to run over a little kid to get to the door. Walked through the door and guess where it led me too!!??!?!?!


The first ride that I decided to go on was….

The teacup ride. This ride was so much fun. I couldn’t help myself. I felt like a little kid.

And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw…


Now I would’ve pelvic thrusted a bit, but there were WAYYYYYY too many kids around for that to happen. Just saying.

I pelvic thrust when I’m happy. Thought you should know. I don’t know why, it just happens.

ANYWAYS, decided to go on one last ride before I headed home.

I look so damn happy. Hahaha.

Honestly, if I had kids, I’d bring them here. Let them run wild and try to climb everything.


I don’t have any kids. I have dogs.

Stay tuned for more adventures,

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