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Song of the day :

The Justin Bieber of country. Yay!


Guess what time it is!


This is where I get to embarrass my friends…and myself.

Warning : I picked these convos last night while I was intoxicated.


Me: i think im gonna be here all by mah seeeeelllllf
Me: i don’t wanna be….alll by mahhh self
Me: anymore
Me: lol
Me: i kinda started singing
Romy: lmao
Romy: good god lol


Ace: kjhkaljshda;skdhfas;kdhfskdajhfkslajhvflaksjdfhlkjshdfcklasdjhvfcnldksbvuncjfkj
Me: no
Ace: that is my keyboard finger guitar solo
Me: no
Ace: oh hunni why you no laik
Me: cause…i don’t like vowels ;(
Ace: jdkfhgjkdfhkgjdfkjghdkjhsfjkghdsfjhkgdjhgjhdhjjhgdhgjshdfghjdhjfghjsdhjhjgkdhjfghjhjdfhgjdfhghjkdsf
Me: better
Ace: lol


Me: lol
Me: we should hang out more
Billy: im always somewhere in there lol if im ot runnin RL
Me: yeahhhhhh
Billy: or dying from a cold lately lol
Me: if you die of a cold, that’ll be the most pussyiest thing ever
Billy: ikr
Billy: be my luck haha
Me: dont be a pussy


Me: i wanna get my priesthood certificate so i can marry people
Kiki: You can marry me and my future ex husband
Me: oh okies
Me: nothing wrong at all about that sentence
Kiki: Lmao


Me: mmhmm
Me: im on skype
Me: hussling cause im a prostitute
Me: or do they hassle?
Charlotte: you’re gonna have a mouth full of pubes
Me: Om nom nom nom
Charlotte: be all up in your teeth
Me: like floss
Me: i just let that shit hang
Charlotte: Extra fiber
Me: which is needed in my diet


Me: you should get on skype and whisper dirty words to me
Me: or clean words.
Me: im not picky
Marc: saucepan


J Pop: i am about to furiously masturbate my penis


Me: i forsee, weirdness in my future
Me: OMG why won’t my bladder stop screaming at me
Me: like hey, bladder, calm down yo
Me: maybe if i chug the can while im peeing, it’d be like substituting
Me: yeah? yeah
Kiki: Lmao
Me: im gonna test it out
Kiki: Oh my gosh Val lmao you really are crazy as shit loooove.it


Me: i had a dream that i spraypainted my hair black
Romy: lmao
Romy: dunt do that
Romy: lol
Me: lol it was so weird
Me: and then i was taking care of a dog
Me: that fell into a lake
Me: and a tiger was coming after it
Romy: :/
Me: and i kicked it in its face
Romy: lol
Me: and was like ‘NO DOG FOR YOU’
Romy: were you on acid?
Me: not that i recall lol
Romy: o so youre just crazy. lol
Romy: cool
Romy: lmao


Me: Oct. 22nd.
Liq: ?
Me: its the next time i messaged ya!
Liq: what?
Liq: oh
Liq: right
Me: duh
Me: Oct 23rd
Liq: That’s going to get spammy
Me: lol


So last night I tried this…

I was so excited to try it because of this review…

“This stuff will wake you up and mess you up all at the same time. No more having to drink coffee after your night out, you’ll be alert, you just might not have the motor skills to drive home.”

Well! Here’s my review. After one can…I was feeling it. IT DID NOT MAKE ME MORE ENERGIZED. I was ready to pass out after the second can. Actually, I did pass out after the second can.


I just wanted to get drunk, it did its job. I was a happy drunk 😀 Don’t remember anything…except rain dancing. Can anyone explain that to me?

OHHHH! And I woke up with my blanket halfway across the room. I don’t know how it got there…but maybe this stuff really does fuck ya up.


Okies, time for me to go pack for the weekend. 😀 Weeeeee!

Don’t miss me too much.

Much love and hiccups,

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