And it feels…

Thanks Charlotte for posing with me!

Weeeeee! My blog has reached OVER 10,000 views! Yay and stuff. Thanks guys!

Now since Halloweenie is coming up soon, I decided to do some costumes for the next couple of blogs that are cheap and cute.


.:: DELISH ::. Cute Bunny Costumes – Blue : Marketplace

Cost : 1L


.:: DELISH ::. Cute Bunny Costumes – Cherry : Marketplace

Cost : 1L


This store has this costume in 12 other colors. I think. I’m pretty sure. I’m 97.245% sure.  😀 You can dress cute and stuff for those Halloweenie parties without it costing an arm and leg. You’re whalecum.


Song of the day :

I’ve seriously had this on repeat for a few days now. MAKE IT STOP.


I need some sleep. I’m too old for all-nighters. Anyone wanna come cuddle? Yes? No? I’ll give you some Frosted Flakes…yes, a bribe. I ran out of chocolate. Sorry.

Much love and cereal madness,

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