If Anyone Asks…

Shirt :

.:OD:. Mesh Lazy Tank Freebie (Dead) : In-world

Cost : 0L


Tattoo :

!::Wicked Tattoos:: Rhythm Tattoo : In-world

Cost : 200L


Tears :

Izzie’s – I’m not feeling very well : In-world or Marketplace

Cost : 100L


Shorts :

.:scrts:. Shorts – Washed Grey Denim : In-world (Jersey Shore)

Cost : 50L

To be honest, I hate these shorts. Such a disappointment to me. I think the shorts make me look like I have a wee-wee. I should have tried on the demo, but, they were mesh and only 50L. Bah. So disappointed. Why does it look weird in the crotch area?! I swear I’m not hiding anything down there….well, besides a vajaja.

I would NOT waste your money on these shorts.


Song of the night :


Time for me to go cuddle my teddy bear, eat my chocolate bar, and watch some sappy movie that’ll probably make me cry. One of those nights. Ugh.

“Sometimes we have to let go of what’s killing us, even if it’s killing us to let go.”

Sadface. On that note…

Much love and teddy bears,

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