Will Not

So last week I wanted to change up my skybox…with the help of my roomie…this is what we came up with together.

Yep! Camp gear. Wooo! I’ve had an actual house, trailer park, a skybox house thingy, Mario Kart castle thingy, and now a campsite. Weee!

My favorite comment ever from one of my ideas for land was…

Astro: Funny how many people aspire to live in a castle or a mansion or other lovely home in SL. Valory aspires to live in a trailer lol

See, I’m awesome


[what next] Bear Canyon Big Camping Set : Marketplace

Cost : 1700L

Tons of single and couple poses, tons of things to do with it, and its modify. I could spread out the sleeping bags so it wasn’t so cramped up together. I believe the whole thing is copy/mod except for the animations. Definitely worth buying the set instead of the individual products. (they offer it if you don’t want the entire set)


Jacket : 

.:EC:. Joe Biker Jacket : Marketplace

Cost : 100L

Comes with a HUD to change colors of the jacket, multiple alpha sizes, and its awesome. I feel like such a hardass. Well, unless I’m in the pink, then I just feel like a Pink Lady…ya know? From Grease? No? Okay. *sticks out her tongue*


Pants :

Izzie’s – Leather Pants black : Marketplace

Cost : 70L


Top Stories :

Magika has a new group hair out! Make sure you stop and get it.

Ricielli has a Halloween sale. All black, red, orange, and purple items for 100L.

Odd Dele has a mini hunt for Halloween going on. For clues go to her blog, aciidicblog.

Depraved Nation has a huge GACHA collection for Halloween. Check it out. Multiple stores represented. I love Gacha machines.


Song of the day :


Don’t forget about the photo contest! Don’t wait until last minute!

For more information click here.


I’ve had way too much coffee…and I gotta get ready to go to the cellphone store. TOUCHSCREEN PHONES can suck my nuts, if I had any. Just saying. Ugha.

Don’t forget to join my group in SL [lav]ish for all updates and store sales. Free to join!

Add me on facebook.

Or friend me in SL.

Much love and half a gallon of coffee,

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