SwagFest : Let It Burn

K. I went back. Not my fault. I swear.

Thanks Charlotte for posing with me!


Pants : 

*monCheri* Lowrise Mesh Sweatpants -Black– : SwagFest


Sunglasses : 

ShadZ*F*** ME – Classic : SwagFest or In-world


Hair : 

[ e ] Spark  – Essentials Collection : In-world


Sweatshirt :

{ alterego} dollarbies – unisex : SwagFest or In-world


Pose : 

{pose maniacs} 54 : SwagFest or In-world


Top :

tank girl red n white : SwagFest or In-world


Pants :

id. high waist jeans faded dark : SwagFest


Pose : 

{pose maniacs} 62 : SwagFest or In-world


Song of the day :


Okies, I’m too hyper for only 4 hours of sleep. Damn those Australians and their hot accents. If you ever run into them, ask them how they say the following:

1.) Aluminum 

2.) Fillet

3.) Butter

4.) Waterloo <–so hot.

Now its time for a shower and to pack, gonna be gone for the night. Don’t forget you can contact me in-world @ Valorymarie Resident or facebook!

Much love and tons of sleep, hopefully,

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  1. We’re totally smexy. And for the record my foil did say Aluminum. *nods a lot*

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