SwagFest : Thuggin’ it.

I spent most of my day travelling SwagFest to see if I could find anything I liked. With 100+ stores, what was I thinking? Of course I did.

And the lag? Meh, I have the suckiest laptop in the world and I only crashed once or twice in a 6 hour period. I’m just saying.

Hit up SwagFest!

Thank you Daniel for posing with me! You’re still dumb for being a Bears fan. πŸ˜› But you’re a great friend for taking the time out of your night to pose.


Shirt :

– CHANDELLE – Top Ivy Print -gray girl : SwagFestΒ or In-world


Pants :

Mesh Baggy Unisex BND Boxed : Marketplace or In-world


Shoes :

:..SANTO..: Galaxy Chucks : In-world


Hat :Β 

{ alterego } hardcore – fitted : SwagFestΒ or In-world


Hair :Β 

[ e ] Over – Essentials Collection : In-world


Pose :

PURPLE POSE – Couple 175 : SwagFestΒ or In-world


Now time for smexy man to make me drool….ready for this girls?


This is where I get to embarrass some of my friends for your enjoyment…and mine πŸ˜€


Daniel: im the one giving u compliments
Daniel: and wanting to eat
Me: go get more food.
Daniel: ok. take off ur pants
Me: why

He caught me having a blonde moment. Fuck.


Marc: *throws fish at you*
Me: you and that damn fish. should’ve taken it away years ago
Marc: no stealin mah fish!
Me: i will if you keep attacking me with it!
Marc: i’ll give you a good fishing if you steal it!
Me: *narrows eyes* I can’t win here, can I?
Marc: what did you expect?
Me: Thought after so many years I could have one day of winning lol


Me: that reminded me to webmd my symptoms
Clarke: Smh
Me: Oh c’mon!
Clarke: 😐
Me: So my top three results are Migraine, tension headache and brain aneurysm
Me: hi5!
Clarke: Gotta be the aneurysm
Me: Well duh.


Me: im surprised webmd isn’t in my top 10 websites that i visit
Clarke: Laughs. Out of curiosity. What are they?
Me: oh wait it only gives me 8
Me: facebook, marketplace, pinterest, wordpress, google, nickjr, pof, slbloodlines
Me: you thought there was gonna be some porno sites, eh?
Clarke: Yes


Me: i need to show you something
Romy: what is it
Romy: lol
Me: you calm your titties
Me: ill find it
Me: if it wasn’t for my tits
Me: i’d be a man
Me: but seriously, hold on
Me: i got this
Romy: lmao
Me: i forgot what i was doing
Romy: lmao
Romy: really
Romy: lol
Romy: youre goin to show me something
Romy: lol
Me: oh yah.
Me: k hold on
Me: lol
Me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmxSk0wZxss


Me: i put a new 1st life pic up…and this guy freaked out
Me: so i sent him a RL one to make it up to him
Me: and now he won’t get off my ass
Hannah: LMFAO
Hannah: nice!
Me: he’s like….never really talked to me before but now he knows what i look like
Me: and now he’s mr chatterbox
Hannah: mhm of course he is
Me: fucking shit
Hannah: sucks to be you lool
Me: geesh, why was i born with such a cute face and great boobs
Hannah: lmfao
Hannah: yah really lool
Me: hahahahaha
Me: im so conceited
Me: goddammit
Hannah: lol
Hannah: aren’t most women?
Hannah: LOL
Me: this is true
Me: k i don’t feel bad anymore lol


Clarissa: watcha gonna buy me?? lol
Me: nothing! lol
Me: maybe a hooker
Me: so we can play later
Me: ill grab the duct tape
Clarissa: Ill get the plastic, sporks and a goat!
Me: Wooooo


Me: People probably think I’m insane though.
Lucian: nah everyone thinks ur cool
Me: oh did a census while i was gone?
Me: haha
Lucian: took a vote
Lucian: i was the only one there
Me: ahahahaha
Me: no wonder


Me: you’ll never get rid of me
6: haahaha
Me: πŸ˜€
6: crap ={
Me: its like the old times!
Me: now i get to bug ya
Me: and bug ya
Me: and bug ya
Me: and bug ya
Me: then im gonna eventually start the physical assault
6: woohoo bring it on lol
Me: flicks your forehead. K I lied. Physical assault starts before the bugging
6: eeeek
Me: Yayyyyy


Charlotte: If I was trying to get with you, I think I’d be more creative than “you have a really funny run”
Charlotte: It’d be more like… you have a really funny run. get in my vagina.


Much love and swaggyness,

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