Pink Kick

So before I get into the outfit…let me TELL you a few things.

1.) My kindle broke. A cat knocked it off a table. I’ve dropped this thing so MANY times and of course, when I’m not expecting it, or not worrying about it being broken when dropped, it breaks. FUCKSHITBALLS.

2.) Do NOT mix mouthwash and cold medicine. Had a sore throat last night, so I looked up a few home remedies. Well, one of them was to gargle mouthwash and swallow some to kill the bacteria in your throat. It wooooorks, but, I was seeing deer everywhere last night….even in my hallway.

3.) I’m getting really annoyed that books like the Twilight Saga, 50 Shades of Grey, and The Hunger Games are huge. I’m just saying. All of them could’ve been written better. Its starting to really annoy me that I can’t find a book that makes me excited and get that ‘Can’t stop reading’ feeling going on, ya know? I’m a book snob. STFU. Deal with it.

*Le sighs*

Shirt :

{Bii}Mesh CutOut Shoulder Tee Shirt (Heart Cry) GIFT : Marketplace

Cost : 0L


Pants :

-13- So Not A Princess Outfit *MESH* FREE/PROMO : Marketplace

Cost : 1L


Truth Hair Subscriber Gift – Sam : In-world

Cost : Freeeeee

Truth Hair always has subscriber gifts…and I loooooooove em cause you get every single color. Don’t know why I’m in a pink hair mood, but I am. And I love it. And I want some bubblegum now.

Oh, and if you want the face tattoo, shoes, or ring…check out my old posts. They’re in there somewhere. I think. I’m 86% sure.


So last night I was laughing hysterically at these two YouTube videos. Check em out, seriously. HILARIOUS.


Time to take a nap before picking up my goddevil from the bus stop. Goddevil, goddaughter, same thing. Just saying 😉

Much love and bacon,

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