Cotton Candy Girl


Almost forgot about the blog, almost.

And if you hadn’t guessed already, I went shopping. Duhhh. Was up til 6am.

FN*Short pants [pink] : Marketplace

Cost : 0L


{ploop} radical tank : Marketplace

Cost : 15L


.:OD:. Mesh Flats DottieLB : In-world

Cost : 0L (on lucky chair/balloons!)


The hair was an old Magika gift…so don’t forget to subscribe to their updates. The tattoo is free up on marketplace. Look up Wicked Tattoos. 😛 Yeah, I’m getting lazy already. LOOK UP YOUR OWN DAMN STUFF! (I’d apologize buuttttt I’m not even sure who I am right now. Damn medicine.)


I need to find a ride to wally world. I keep seeing blue blurs in front of me. Bahahaha. I think I’m high off of cold medicine. Dammit. Its gonna be another weird night.

Much love and cough drops,

P.S Don’t forget to come back for future ¡ZING! time. And this time around, I WILL have a guest blogger. Dammit.

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