Trying to Save You

VAAKO BLACK outfit accessories and boots *TD* : In-world or Marketplace

Cost : 250L

This outfit reminds me of the Matrix for some reason. I love it. Everything is resizeable. (collar isn’t on, I like it without it)


Magika Gift : In-world

Cost : Free

Sign up for their updates and get this hair. Its so pretty! And its MESH! Woot woot.


I’ve been sick for a few days, not really in the mood to post or do anything. I’m enjoying my pain meds though. Ha! I guess its better than curling up in the fetal position. ANYWAYS, here’s a song that I’ve had on repeat ever since I saw the Lifetime movie “Triple Dog”.

Hayley Taylor – Waking


I hope that I can get a guest blogger soon. Kinda waiting on someone. Poopypants.

Until then, keep coming back for more posts by me!

Much love…and jello shots,

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