Yeeeeaaaaaaah Buddy

Everyone keeps telling me how awesome MESH is. So far, I’m convinced, that only MESH hair is awesome.

I did some shopping in-world and this is what I found.

[TOWN] Store is having a sale til Saturday where you can get these shirts for 50L at their in-world store.

MESH Free Shoulder Top “Life is Short” : Marketplace or In-world

Cost : 50L

Comes in 3 sizes and ONLY 50L til Saturday at the in-world store. Only problem I had with it was you could see my shoulders pop out whenever I danced. Had to do some editing on my shape and problem fixed itself. (Well, I fixed it. πŸ˜› )


All these outfits come from the store ::VMC:: and its in their new MESH collection.

(starting from left to right)

MESH dress : In-world

Cost : Free, group gift

Join group, visit store, go into the MESH department, and get your free dress!


Takira Tank Mesh (blue) : Marketplace or In-world

Cost : 25L

Came with pants (has re-sizers for the cuffs). For some reason I could NOT get the shirt to work with the alpha that was provided. So I used the alpha from the Laris Top Mesh and then it worked just fine. Also in 5 sizes.


Laris Top Mesh (blue) : Marketplace or In-world

Cost : 25L

Also came with pants (has re-sizers for the cuffs). Had no problems at all with the outfit. Probably one of my favorites from this store.


Last night I went a little crazy while trying to find some tattoos. I bought 15 tattoos off of marketplace for only 7L. Holler. I’m da bestest ever.

Here’s one of them…

~[DemiseOfFlight]~ Rock my World Chest Tattoo : Marketplace

Cost : 0L


This is where I embarrass my friends…cause its sooooo EASY to do. πŸ˜€


Kiki: πŸ™‚ talk dirty to me some more
Me: i want to throw you on a pile of hay and spork you
Me: is that proper hillbilly dirty talk?
Me: do you guys even have sporks down there?
Kiki: no. its more like “i want to lay in hay with you and the horses and feed you cornbread while uncle earl plays the bango for us”
Me: …..
Me: i don’t want to go to the south, ever.


Me: do you have alleyways or
Me: is it like…
Romy: lol
Me: just a haypile
Romy: no girl
Romy: all parking lot


Me: eenie meenie miny mo
Me: you’re a fucking skanky turd ho
Billy: lol
Billy: nice


Me: have i ever told you you’re my heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrro
Char: o.o
Char: no
Char: lol
Char: whys that?
Me: okies, well you are πŸ˜€
Me: cause i wanted to sing that the second i clicked on your name
Char: lol
Char: whys that?
Me: i don’t know
Me: my brains a radio
Me: you get what you GET


Me: my friend clarke calls bullshit
Me: on your list of things to do
Me: πŸ˜€
Liq: your friend clarke can smd
Me: smack your dick?
Liq: if thats what gets him off
Liq: i wouldnt know
Liq: its a bit hard to judge
Liq: especially when he’s on his period


Me: they’re hillbillies. they mate for life
Me: they’re like penguins
Romy: LOL
Romy: FU


Kiki: I would have to wake up 2 hours before (she works at 11), so I’d have to be up at 8
Romy: You mean 9?
Me: I don’t think she gets it….11-2=9
Kiki: I was estimating…


So I was at the store with my dad…

Me: Stop acting like a 3 yr old, get out of the candy shelves
Dad: I want the orange slices *puts the bag of orange slice candy on the counter*
Me: Fine, you can have the orange slices, but thats it
Dad: *keeps picking up other bags of candy*
Me: Take your orange slices and go out to the car and wait for me

And then we were getting the pool ready, so he handed me some pool probes

Me: So, Dad, wanna get probed?
Dad: I don’t think so.

Annnnnd then, I was on the phone with my friend Maddie

Dad: Who are you talking to?
Me: Maddie
Dad: Tell her I said Hi
Me: She said Hi and that you’re ugly
Dad: She lies.


Kiki: If you say i look 12 again, im gonna kick your ass
Me: Says the girl with a hello kitty tshirt on


Purple: i need a favour???
Me: yesh?
Purple: *insert long ass favor*
Me: ………….
Purple: lol
Purple: to much?
Me: just a bit
Me: im kinda drunk
Purple: lmao i dont mean now
Purple: i`ll find someone competent
Me: lmao


Just because this convo happened…

Me: zing time yes or no?
Clarke: Yesh
Me: So far, none of you
Clarke: Eat my dick.
Clarke: I’m not groveling to get in this time.
Me: lol awww booboo
Clarke: Flips you off.

I decided to dig deep into my logs and find something awkward and strange just for CLARKE!

Me: He sent me a pic of his dick and THEN asked me if i liked it
Me: My reply was ‘Uhhhh’
Clarke: Tell him it was small
Clarke: And too too thin for you.
Clarke: Who DOES that??
Me: Alot of guys. If i sent out a mass text to the guys in my phone for dick pics…95% would send one.
Clarke: You choose weird friends
Me: Its Wisconsin
Clarke: Yeahhh
Me: I want out
Clarke: Get out.
Me: Lol
Clarke: And don’t ask for dick pics.
Me: I dont! I dont want one touching me or looking at me.
Clarke: Hahaha
Clarke: 8===D~~
Me: πŸ˜₯


And just because I love her…oh so much…


Time to end another blog, hope you enjoyed reading!

Can’t wait to do more.

Much love….with a wet fish being slapped across your forehead,

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