Sweet Apple Pie

My rezz day was back in March…I turned 1. I’m effin’ old bitches.


One of my birthday gifts came from one of the cutest stores I’ve ever seen.

Apple May Designs!

This outfit includes the shirt and pants and is one of my favorite outfits. I wear it every other day.

Shuttup. Its cute. Annnnd its called ‘Birthday’!

Marketplace or In-world

Cost : 225L

One of the best gifts everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


I decided to go wander the in-world store…and let me tell ya, HOLY CRAP.

1.) No one told me that if your avi is 30 days or less…you could get free outfits here (upstairs)

2.) They have a gatcha machine(by the entrance)

3.) They have a discount floor. Holler! (upstairs)

So let me show ya what I got out of the gatcha machine…

This is Pillow Fight in yellow.

Cost : 15L

I didn’t get to pick the color. Yellow always reminds me of bumblebees and the sun.

I’m not a fucking sunny person. 😛

But it still looks cute on me! Again, visit by clicking hurrrr.


In both outfits I picked out these two accessories to wear. Just because I can.

Eccentric Pencil necklace : In-world

Cost : Free gift at Apple May Designs

Piano Ring : In-world

Cost : Free gift at .:Odd Dele:.


This song popped into my head the second I started writing this blog…so enjoy!


If you haven’t noticed…I’ve been doing more posts. I hope y’all don’t mind!

Trying to do more posts with less writing in it. Space it out a bit. Unless its an adventure blog, duh.

Ooooh! Congrats to me! Reached over 500 views. Not bad!

With this new WordPress stuff…I can tell which countries are viewing.

So THANK YOU to my viewers in the USA, Philippines, Canada, Italy, Australia and United Kingdom!

Keep coming back for more!

Much love,

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