(graphics are shitty, so don’t mind them!)

As you know…my name is Valory.

And I have an itsy bitsy secret to tell you….I love Australians. Especially when they say “Waterloo”.

So guess where I went!

Okies, if you haven’t guessed yet…I went to Australia!

Let the adventure begin…

I landed safely in Australia, not knowing what I was going to do first. They had so many options. But of course, I got distracted from the sights and found a cart that I could ride around in.

Australians know how to roll. Literally. ANYWAYS, I decided that my first stop would be the stores and the club that they had there. I was SURPRISED at how many people were wandering around, especially in the club.

They welcomed me with open arms and even invited me to dance…I chose to decline because there was so much to see in such a short period of time. I’ll be going back though. They seemed like a fun group of people. I walked out the door and right next to the club was this beautiful bridge. So of course, instead of hitching a ride, I decided to walk it.

It was a loooooong bridge and I have this objection to walking. I’d rather double-click teleport to places, but of course, you’re not allowed to do it here.

When I got to the end of it, I noticed a family near these hang-gliders…or whateverthehellyoucallem. Had to jump on that opportunity.

So, I have another confession. I’m scared of heights. And falling. So I held my breath in and went for it. NO ONE TOLD ME THAT I HAD TO STEER THE DAMN THING! Or if I could! Because you wanna know what happened?

I pretty much crashed into the Opera House. Not even kidding you. Bah! A guy who was standing on the stairs watched me while I was screaming out loud about having no instructions! Just saying! Anyways, I quickly landed and went back to the map and found another place to go to.

I went to “The Point”….I had no idea what that was….when I got there…it was HUGE. Couldn’t even get the whole building in a picture. They had different floors that you could go visit. One of my favorite floors was the lounge that they had.

What a great view! Once I got over the view…I went to the piano.

Oh, didn’t I tell ya? I can play the piano. And saxophone. And the flute. I can pick up an instrument easily and learn how to play it. One of my MANY talents.

I finally left the building and was walking around some more…and guess what I found!!!!

Dun dun duuuuuuuuun…..

Along with my height and falling fear…I have a fear of being eaten alive. I’m just saying. Buuuuut, my curiosity got the best of me. Luckily, they offered a free wetsuit…so I quickly changed on the pier.

I should be a professional diver just because almost EVERYTHING looks good on me. I know I’m conceited. Bite me. The only thing that disappointed me was…

MY BUTT LOOKS HORRIBLE. Not flattering whatsoever. Then again, who am I trying to impress? Jaws? Don’t think I’m his type….well, I could be his type of dinner. Badum-ch.

So after a few minutes of just standing there next to the ladder…I decided to head on down. Once I got off the ladder and turned around, I saw this…

K, fuck that! I rushed back up the ladder.

I quickly changed into my day-gear and went back to the map. This time I chose Uluro & Outback. Whatever that means. I was hoping for a steak restaurant. I guessed wrong. I landed in a very…uhh…dry area. I wandered around for a bit, not much going on there, and when all my hope was gone….I found the bull-riding corral!

Whenever I see a cage, I lock myself into it. I don’t know why. Maybe I spent too much time in “London” to know otherwise. I didn’t know where the bull was, but, there was a bull-riding machine right next to the corral. So of course, had to jump on that. I’m very competitive and wanted to beat everyones score. I don’t know if I beat it…doesn’t really matter since…

I got a prize anyways. CELTIC SWORD FTW! πŸ˜€ Honestly, I’m too amused at the stupidest things.

I put my sword down and began to explore more. It took forever to get to the camp that was set up there. They offered a horse to ride on and I even saw a camel. Not sure if you could ride the camel. I would’ve found out but I ran into…

some Kangaroos! They didn’t talk or anything, but that didn’t stop me from saying “Good Eye, Might.” (Good day, mate) I swear, I sound Australian when I say it too. *nods lots*

So, there was one part of the map that I saved for last. I had a feeling it was going to blow my mind. And it sure did.

Which reminded me of…

I’m a full-blown dork sometimes. I can’t help it. So get this, I’m walking around trying to find SOMETHING that makes this space station “cool”, so far, I’m disappointed. I walked around one end, nothing. So I went into the center room and in that one moment…my world flipped upside-down and this place turned into the AWESOMEST PLACE EVER!

Yes, that’s me pelvic thrusting. You have NO IDEA how excited I was. After a few minutes of dry humping…I went on the hunt for more Star Wars stuff. I NEEDED to see more. At this point, I’m running over little kids and their parents just to get to the other rooms as fast as possible. I wasn’t giving up til I found SOMETHING else.

Wish I had better graphics. *grumbles*

So after I took this picture, I figured it was time to go home. I only had one room to go and figured that I could just take a quick glance inside it. Instead, I got out my light-saber and posed for another picture.

Dear George Lucas,

You should’ve put me in the movies. I’m just saying.




Here’s a picture of my favorite characters from Star Wars.

I love Ewoks so much…if ZOOBY could make me an Ewok pet…for free…I’d love them forever and ever and ever. *coughs* Hint hint *coughs* I’m just saying.


Now that you’ve seen my dorkside (Haha, instead of dark side)…its time to end this blog.

Until my next adventure!

Much love,

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