Watch me, Shortie.

(My friend Kiki wouldn’t know where any of these cities were located on a map, just saying! Love ya girlie!)

New MESH shirts at .:Odd Dele:.! Yay n stuffs! So excited!

She had this shirt up on her lucky boards. Freeeeee! Otherwise you can find it at her store in-world only.

(She just moved her store this morning, she works fast!)

Check here and here for other different patterns of this type of shirt.

I stalk her blog. I can’t help it. She does great stuff on there! Mostly bargains, freebies, and group gifts πŸ˜€

Check it out hurrrr.

And don’t forget to check out her marketplace store. Click hurrrrdadurr.


This is where I post random parts of conversations with friends because either they’re “speschul” or I find them hilarious. Enjoy!


Me: Well all I can do is send ya tons of virtual huggies and kisses….and I’d offer a virtual candy apple, but it makes you fart.
Lera: Bahahaha


Me: how you feeling my lil pained out zombie?
Marie: like im rotting lol
Me: is your outside appearance ok? cause thats all i care about…lol
Marie: mhmmm i still look hot, so its game on πŸ™‚
Me: hahaha thats my girl!


Me: i didn’t wanna hurt you
Me: i just wanted to kick you
Daniel: hehe
Daniel: mission accomplished


Me: hey chica
Annastasia: ValoryMarie This is an autoresponse! so you know what to do
Me: oh stfu i know you’re there
Me: lol
Annastasia: hi
Annastasia: lol


Me: mmmbop
Xaeda: shhhdobop
Me: exactly


Me: my mouth just made a squishy noise
Me: with chocolate in my mouth
Me: thank god i was off voice


Purple: who are you and wheres my steak
Purple: are you rubbing one out
Purple: to some dude`s heavy breathing
Purple: you are aint you
Purple: yes
Purple: i can tell
Purple: harder
Purple: HARDER
Purple: flick it
Purple: now
Purple: spray your screen with your creamy red rag cum
Purple: feel better?
Me: ewww dude lol
Me: i was putting dishes away
Purple: mhmmm suuuure
Purple: if thats what you call it these days
Me: hahaha
Me: well if i was rubbing one out, id tell ya
Purple: iΒ  want pictures


Kandii: lmfaoooo


Marc: hows it dangling?
Me: hows it going
Marc: hah!
Me: things don’t dangle over here, they bobble….or something lol
Marc: for 20 L$ i can give you dangly bits πŸ˜›
Me: lol meh, not worth it


Me: I should make prim outlines of a person
Dele: LOL
Me: that way you can take a full body pic
Me: put it on there
Me: and you can have your ‘friends’ at parties
Dele: lmao


Me: why do you hold back
Me: im gonna bust out in song and dance soon
Char: rofl
Me: wanna go on a lezbo/butnotgonnabelezbocauseiknowyouhaveapenis date?
Char: ill have to think about that


Me: im crashing this store, fuck it
Clarke: lmao noooooooo
Me: all i wanted was this dress
Me: but no
Me: its gotta be a fucking douche bag
Clarke laughs

Clarkes not funny this week…BUT, this did make me laugh.


Billy: lol crawl under the house πŸ™‚
Billy: old house
Me: oh ew.
Me: i just got the heebie jeebies
Billy: ikr thats what im talkin about lol
Me: ekjkdfgnkdgkdghjkdg
Me: stoppit
Me: im getting grossed out


Somer: he’s singing to me atm πŸ˜€
Me: awww im kinda gagging
Somer: lol


Astro: i been here all day geez , now i need to get off
Me: lol fapfapfapfap
Astro: wanna lend a hand?
Me: does it have to be my hand or can i go grave robbing someone elses?
Astro: i reckon i’ll quit while im behind lolol


And heres a couple of songs that have been stuck in my head since I’ve woken up.


I’m in a better mood. Duh. Can’t stay sadface all the time. Its a curse. Time to head off for the weekend, don’t miss me too much!

Much love…and peanut butter,

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