Walk Away

(shirt) :FY Retro Tube Top (life) : In-world

Cost : 75L (check out the Sim for the sales on Wednesdays)

(pants) Destroyed Skinny Jeans-Mid : Marketplace

Cost : 25L

(hair) /Wasabi Pills/ Sybille2 MESH Hair : Marketplace or In-world

Cost : 250L

(shoes) N-core COQUETTE Platform “Black” : In-world

Cost : 250L

My sister, Romy, bought these for me…what a doll. She insisted…demanded…whatever…that I had to have them.


Yesterday, I read some logs…definitely a bad idea.

I miss what we had. I don’t miss him. I don’t want him back. And I don’t love him anymore. Lets get that straight.

To the ex : You’re a fucking idiot. I hope you enjoy walking past that tool chest (that I got to pick out the color) everyday and remember what you gave up.


Needed a distraction…and this blogpost did it.

Thanks for viewing! Next time I’ll add on some ¡ZING! time. Get off my ass about it.

Much love,

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