Kiss My…

I love reading blogs…its one of my addictions. So when I found LuckyChairZombies…I almost creamed my panties (assuming that I wear panties).

I have a love/hate relationship with lucky chairs/boards. I swear….they never want to give me the letter “V”. Lucky chairs/boards have it out for me, they want me to waste hours and hours and hours…..and hours sitting there waiting for my damn letter.

Well, sometimes its worth it.

LuckyChairZombies and aciidicblog both posted about this mesh dress at Umi Usagi.

(check out their pictures by clicking on the blog names)

Well, I was determined to get this mesh dress in black. I waited all night and then waited all day waiting for the letter “V” to pop up.

So worth the wait. First mesh dress I’ve ever gotten. Easy to get too! All you have to do is join group and then sit at the lucky boards for your letter. (I had to shrink my booty to fit in this dress D: Sad day for booties everywhere)


I’ve been procrastinating on posting outfits.

But here’s a simple one…..WITH MESH HAIR! First time Mesh hair buyer right hurrrrr! 😀 😀 😀


(shirt) My Ts Grunge Tanktop – Kiss My Ass : Marketplace or In-world

Cost : 1L

(jeans) Destroyed Skinny Jeans – Mid : Marketplace

Cost : 25L

(shoes) N-core COQUETTE “Black” : Marketplace

Cost : 295L

(also shown in Romylicious : Black Widow)

(hair) Magika [01] Push : Marketplace or In-world

Cost : 250L


So I’ve been changing my skybox like crazy…until my friend Xaeda offered to customize one she already had. So I’ll give you a little sneak peek since her store is NOT open yet.

Yeah, gorgeous. Everything here, she made. She does AWESOME work.

My skybox has a 234 prim limit. So with that in mind…here are some of the things she included:

Bathroom (two shower-heads and sink, both working and look fabulous!)


Two living rooms (made one into a sitting room and the other into entertainment/game room)


Fish tank

Environment Settings or something…..(I get to change the landscape picture in the window!)

…and so much more.

She is going to be BIG when she opens up her store. If you would like more information or want to see more of her work….contact me and I’ll get ya connected to my favorite lady builder 😀

@ ValoryMarie Resident

@ Facebook


I have no shame…

PrudenceSHAPE for only 20L!

And don’t forget to check out the store, [laV]ish! All Shapes are copy/mod and all under 30L!


I think I have a spider bite on my neck D: Oh hey, the Brewers are on!

Obviously, my ADD is kicking in. HA!

Time to end another post…going to go cuddle with my Bray Bray, my new pitbull 😀 Who would’ve guessed that I could fall in love with a virtual dog….but I did. I like him better than my roomie. Just saying.

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