Romylicious : Black Widow

I noticed my sister posting up new pictures on her flickr page…

Soooooo I made her do a new picture for me.

Well, I didn’t make her, but if she had said ‘no’ when I asked, I’m pretty sure I could take her in a fight. Just saying.

Bow chica bow wow.

She calls this the “Black Widow”. And she was super excited to do it…especially since she helped me pick out an outfit.

I love her work. I honestly do. I do think its worth the Lindens to get your pictures done by her. And she’s cheap! And everyone knows that I love a bargain. She’s like a good wine…keeps getting better with age.


Now for the outfit…which you can find all on marketplace. (Only posting marketplace links, sorry! Cause I’m le lazy!)

(dress) %.:EC:. Box Kristen *Lace*Marketplace

Cost : 99L

(make-up) Flirt – Fuck Me Lip/Liner : Marketplace

Cost : 50L

(hair decor) dl: : Hair Rose : Marketplace

Cost : 50L

(shoes) N-core COQUETTE “Black” : Marketplace

Cost : 295L

(shape) ValorySHAPE : Marketplace

Cost : 30L

(hair) TRUTH hair – Faith : Marketplace

Cost : 125L (was at Truth District sale, originally priced 250L)


If you would like to get your pictures done by my boobiful seester, contact her in-world @ RomyMontgomery Resident or fb message her by clicking here.

– Prices –

1 person pics + 150L a pic

2 people + 200L a pic

Just message her and get a negotiation going. At least, thats what I’d do.

Don’t forget to check out out her flickr page! She has great pictures on there! Especially pictures from her first wedding shoot!


Its ¡ZING! time! Now, most of the week I’ve been torturing my friends with my awful singing on voice. So there’s not many conversations that were written down…luckily, I still have a few. Mwahahahaha.


Me: Did you kill Romy?
Clarke: No?
Me: Hmm…
Clarke: She’s in the south
Clarke: Probably at a hoedown
Clarke: Or rodeo or something
*had to take out next comment so no one gets offended*
Me: lmao
Clarke: Her cousin’s wedding? To her other cousin?


So, I’m trying to put together an outfit that Romy likes, so I’m looking at a folder of shoes, and instead of clicking on the shoes, accidentally double-clicked landmark. IT TOOK ROMY FOREVER TO TP ME BACK! And this is what I come back to…

Romy: where did you go lol
Romy: i heard “stop me stop me!”
Romy whispers: LOLOLL
Romy: “shitshitstopme”
Romy: like i could do anything
Romy: lol


Me: i don’t know what to do with my life.
Katelyn: are you singing again?
Me: lol no, i really don’t know what to do with my life right now.
Katelyn: oh. well take yer time, dont rush into shit
Me: lol
Me: good advice.
Me: you should become the rapist.
Me: i meant therapist.
Katelyn: bullshit you are such a bad liar
Katelyn: lmao
Me: lol
Me: i plead the fifth.
Katelyn: lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you suck


Me: im listening to this song again
Me: gives me chills
Me: like chills and hard nipples
Katelyn: o.o
Me: ever get that?
Me: like full body chill and your nipples get hard?
Katelyn: lol yeah but what song is it?
Me: hard nipples everytime
Me: i get turned on by opera music apparently
Me: something i never knew about myself
Katelyn: lmfao wtf val. im listening now
Me: my butts tingley now. lol
Katelyn: lolol dude they are awesome


Katelyns facebook status
Val: *talks to her cat* comere ill touch your ass if you just dont make me get out of my chair”
wow val told you id tell everyone you touch your cats asshole.


Victoria’s yahoo status: *kicks her Internet*
Me: *kicks your face*
Me: oops, missed the internet
Me: was too high
Me: and im short
Victoria: HHAHAHA


Me: I want to tell you
Foxxxy: Yesh?
Me: That my burps don’t sound like other burps
Foxxxy: ROFLMAO!
Me: People can figure out that I burped without my mic going off.
Me: They’re too girly sounding, me thinks.
Foxxxy: Lordie woman you just RANDOM as shit


And now, a song. This song will soothe your soul and give you the biggest grin on your face. Are you ready for it? I know I am.

Remember, listen to this song and think of me.


Time to end another blog, thanks for taking time out of your day to read my sillyness!


P.S [laV]ish shapes has new prices on everything! 30L or less! If you buy, don’t forget to rate! I need shopping moneys! *laughs* All shapes are copy/mod…and if you’d like any styling info…just contact me in-world @ ValoryMarie Resident

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