Former Life Comes to Surface

Okays, my break from the blog world has ended.

I’ve missed you guys!

So anyways, whats new with me?

Well, I’ve recently taken some friends in, giving them a place to live. Had to switch to a bigger house for this. Even though I worked my butt off on my other set-up, decorating will always be my favorite thing to do.

 I believe I was a former acid/LSD addict, hence the walls. They are basic walls with a zebra texture and a rainbow script. Lots and lots of colors. Makes me go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Anyways, back to the house.

EASE – FULL FURNISHED HOUSE SKYBOX 300+ ANIMS  : In-world or Marketplace

Cost : 250L

This house is low prim and fully furnished. It has an entertainment room (with fireplace and tv), a bathroom (with hot tub and sink), and a bedroom (including a sex bed). Check out the pictures on marketplace to see more.

For everything else you see here, check out Fresh Start.


So once upon a time, I had a boyfriend….this boyfriend turned out to be a pathological liar. I’m just saying.


He bought me this really cute outfit while we were dating, back when I thought everything was all happy sappy days. Bah.

This outfit is really cute. Its easy to modify the boots, belt, and skirt prim to fit your avi. Trust me, if I can do it, you can too.

PWH/GC Tempting Tartan Dress Cyan  : Marketplace

Cost : 150L

Seriously, how could you pass this outfit up? It comes in different colors. And the store is just absolutely filled with cuteness. One of these days, I WILL buy out this store. Just watch me.


Now after a long day of decorating and shopping, you just want to relax. I get it. Then again, I will procrastinate doing anything if it means I get to stay in my jammies longer. Well guess what! I have the perfect pair of pajamas for you.

*KingPin* Cow Jammie : In-world or Marketplace

Cost : 10L

The shirt comes in many layers and if you don’t want to wear the shorts…

You get pants!

Now let me tell you about *KingPin*.

Once upon a time I was a young vampire, searching the lands for some fresh meat. I decided to check out places that I had LM’s for lucky chairs. (Yep, KingPin has lucky chairs!) I step into the store and notice this man, scan him, and then bugged him as to why he was a Destroyed Vampire. (Its all bloodlines stuff) Turns out, he gave up that lifestyle and opened up *KingPin*.

He turned out to be one of my good friends. I love owners who are around and are able to help you out with an outfit. I know he is working on Superhero outfits right now. I can’t wait. Going to be wearing them EVERYWHERE.

Check out the store, you might even see my face on a few outfits. Just saying! 😀


I’m going to have to cut this short because I’m a starvin’ marvin right now and in dire need of some junk food 😛

Keep checking out the blog for ¡ZING! time, youtube videos, pictures, etc.

(I think I just broke my chair)

From the floor, laughing my butt off, this is your blogger @ Lavishcorner,


(p.s decided to use my flashing walls as my new backgrounds on my pictures, whatcha think?)

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