Some Kind of Wonderful

I’ve been in such a good mood lately. Its probably been those extra miles of running that I’ve been doing. By the time summer comes around, I should be a beast. Rawr ^_^

Anyways, since its been cold as fuck where I am IRL…I decided to hit the beach in SL.

Sunset Beach

I really enjoyed just chilling by myself…even though…I had a few interruptions. Guys are really smooth here. *rolls eyes* “Nice ass” “Want to have play time? It’ll be sexy”…..yeah. The view was better looking than the men.

.::DELISH::. “Fab” Two Piece Swimsuit-02 : Marketplace

Cost : 1L

TRUTH HAIR Astrid : In-world or Marketplace

Cost : 250L


After awhile, my ADD kicked in and decided to find myself a skatepark. I wanted to go skateboarding. Holler. What can I say? I’m a punk for life.

Dead Zone

Free skateboard. Ride a BMX bike. Shred the half pipes. Do whatever. Then when you’re done tearing up the scene…you can go kill zombies that roam the streets above. Not even kidding. Be careful though, the zombies bite. Gotta say, I really had fun trying to do tricks off the equipment here then trying to kill the zombies later on. Its fun for the whole family!

:.Envious.: Limitless : In-world or Marketplace

Cost : 110L

TRUTH HAIR Janice : In-world or Marketplace

Cost : 250L (got it for 125L at the Truth District Sale)


Now I’m going to show you an outfit that got me in a lil trouble. Not going to say what. But its T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

I found this cute lil dress at the Jersey Shore sim. Not even kidding you. The Jersey Shore sim has a sale every Wednesday called ‘Grenade Wednesdays’. Items in every store for under 100L. (TONS of stores) Holler. So you know, I had to jump on that opportunity.

{le fil casse} rendezvous dress-crimson : In-world

Cost : 99L

I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do. Looks better on me then when I first bought it. Plus, I feel like a cute ballerina in it. Yay and stuff!


I decided to wear this hair…

TRUTH HAIR Kalista : In-world or Marketplace

Cost : 250L

Very cute, short, playful, and you can streak it if you really want to. I thought it fit nicely with this dress. I also believe that this hair contributed to the trouble I got into the first night that I wore this outfit….


I matched these shoes up with this dress. Very cute and cheap!

Libertine Black Latex Stiletto : Marketplace

Cost : 15L

No fake feet, these actually go onto your feetsies. Which I love. I hate matching skin tones, hate readjusting the size, I just hate everything about shoes that take effort into making it look right on avatars. I’m just saying. So wearing these….were heavenly.


In all the pictures above…I used the same shape.

ValorySHAPE : Marketplace

Cost : 99L

But since I own the store…and made the shape…it was free. *grins* I also put out a demo box in the store with all the female shapes. That way you can test them out before making a purchase. If you join my in-world group [laV]ish, you can get the demos for free. I also send out notices with sales, landmarks, and updates when I’ve posted a blog.


Do you know why I love doing a blog?

Because its like a picture book.


So…because I’m in such a WONDERFUL mood….I’m going to show you two videos.

Don’t judge a book by its cover…cause sometimes…books will shock the hell out of you.

Thats all I’m going to say about these two videos.


*drumrolls* Its ¡ZING! time!

For those who haven’t read my posts before…¡ZING! time is when I take conversations with friends and post em. They might be on the weird side but…they’re funny to me.


CharChar: those horn brazillians
Me: damn them


Me: i don’t know how
Me: but i woke up with no pants on
Clarke: Late night fap?
Me: no, i woke up sweating and stuff, so maybe i just took him off
Me: but where
Clarke: Took him off?
Clarke: Hmmm
Me: them*
Me: i suck
Me: lol
Clarke: 😉
Me: im a horn brazillian
Me: leave me alone
Me: lmao
Clarke: Hahahaha


Me: I really need to find friends
Me: cause this explorin and having random SL doctors check me out
Billy: lol
Me: is a no no
Billy: did you get a check up
Me: i did, they said i should come back in next week for my blood results


Me: its not official between you and joyce til its SL/FB official.
Astro: yeah just when i thought my seduction of her was complete she poofed 😦
Me: bummer. guess she’s not ready for you yet
Astro: but i dont know if i can handle a gf who cant do poseballs
Me: that is the best thing ive heard all day
Me: lol


Dele: LOl shark week is like.. being on your period
Dele: new slang for it
Dele: ikr lmao
Me: love it


Dele: everyone this is my other good friend, valory
Dele: shes nuts

…thanks Dele. *laughs*


Me: you have pizza char?
Me: im jelly. D:
CharChar: lolol
Me: the second i learn how to do archery, you’re fucked. gonna arrow the *CENSORED* out of you for yer food
CharChar: u want a slice too?
Dele: LOL
Me: nah im good, i got two muffins waiting for me
CharChar: Lul~
Me: we’re meeting at the microwave


Me: you leave when i get here?
Me: poopy head
Daniel: Took a tp!
Daniel: and noo ur the poop head
Me: na uhhh!
Daniel: yes u didnt take an sl shower in forever
Me: yeah, i replaced my shower with a greedy table
Daniel: tisk tisk. u unhealthy greedy peron
Me: i know


Me: boo you cumbucket
Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
Romy: LOL inn muhhh pantiiies
Romy: lol
Romy: grrr… this cough syrup the doc gave me is amazing. lol
Me: if you can fit a cumbucket in your panties, you need smaller panties



Time to end another post. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to come back for more!

Remember, you can catch me in-world@ValoryMarie Resident or on fb.


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