Irish I Was A Pirate

My name is Val and today…I’m an undercover pirate.

I searched long and far to observe pirates in their own environment. Luckily, I found the perfect place.

This place is called Ocean Realms Dublin. I didn’t think I’d find anything…boy, was I wrong.

(This was an Irish style pirate SIM….hence the ‘Irish I Was A Pirate’. And for those who don’t get it…Irish=I wish)

A few moments after I landed…didn’t even get to look around yet…a man stared at me. He looked me over and with a smile he said, “Ahoy thar!Shit, an actual member of the pirate lifestyle. I wasn’t expecting to find anyone here. I smiled at him and said, “Hello“, fiddling with my fingers, not knowing what to do. Maybe I should’ve researched more about the pirate lifestyle before I jumped in. Would’ve been nice to know what another greeting was besides the ol’ Ahoy.

We started to talk and that’s when he informed me that he was about to do a live show in a few minutes. Of course, my curiosity got the best of me so I told him I’d stay. Before anyone else showed up, I asked him (just to be sure) if I was fully clothed…he then asked me why I would think he’d tell me if I was nude or not….oh boy. I took a deep breath as I felt my cheeks turn a deep shade of red. Was I in danger here? Was my vajaja about to be molested? Eeps!

He chuckled at me and said, “Rest assured, yer safe as a freshly tarred ship.”

What the fuck does that mean?

Before I could ask him…I noticed a few people popping in. I decided to keep my questions to myself and hurry to the back of the bar to observe these people in action.

I saw the man get to the front of the dance area and get out his instrument. I watched his hands slowly move to the strings as he started to play some music. He shouted over the crowd and said he was about to play a few ‘jigs’ that he knew. Again, what the fuck?

He played mostly upbeat toons. I guess thats what a jig is? I don’t fucking know. *laughs*

He even brought out his friend…err….yeah.

I giggled to myself before I noticed a figure out of the corner of my eye move towards me. The figure turned out to be this beautiful lady in a red dress. Didn’t catch her name. She held out her hand and offered me to dance. I shrugged my shoulders and told her that I had no clue how to dance to this type of music. She smiled at me, handed me a bracelet and took me out on the dance floor. Soon, I was doing the jig…or something. I didn’t look half bad out there.

After a half hour of dancing, I was parched. I needed something to drink. Thankfully there was a barmaid? at work. Man, these women sure know how to dress up just for a simple gathering.

She smiled at me as she patted my arm. Hmm. Did she know that I was new around here? Did she know that I was an imposter? As if she could read my mind, she let out a soft giggle and handed me a nice cold beer and told me to relax and enjoy the rest of the show.

After the show, I decided to make a quick escape. I barely could keep up with conversation there. As I walked out onto the docks…I heard a loud noise behind me, quickly turning around to find out what it was, I lost my footing…and guess where I ended up…

Of course, I landed in the water. Didn’t turn out too bad though. I found these boats underneath the pier. What could they be used for? Were they down there for a reason? Or were these boats that had no purpose…who knew.

I finally got back up on land, which took forever, and noticed the sun had set. I found the end of the pier as I looked out into the distance and saw the prettiest lighthouse I’ve ever seen in my second life.

Now how….was I suppose to get from here to there? I couldn’t fly. There were no boats around. So I swam. Yes, I can swim. Shocking, eh? As I reached the lighthouse, I noticed an anchor there. I touched it softly and in a flash, I was teleported up to the top of the building.

My curiosity got the best of me again. I wanted to search the inside. So I found the door and started heading down. There should be a sign….a warning…

…because THIS should never be allowed. I can barely walk straight and you PEOPLE expect me to walk down a spiral staircase? Are you nuts? Well, luckily, I found a shortcut. I jumped over the railing and prayed that I landed on my feet. Unfortunately, I think I landed on my foot the wrong way. So I stumbled into the house, that was connected to the lighthouse, to take a quick nap and rest my foot.

Now, I didn’t KNOW that this house was being rented out by someone. So if you’re reading this, THANKS for letting me use your bed, and sorry that I used it without permission. If it makes it better, the bed was SUPER comfortable. I’m just saying.

I looked out the window and realized that it was time to go home. I walked out the door and onto the pier, ready to teleport myself back home….but then…I saw….

THIS! Now I had to pull a Marc and had to try to sit on this bird. I HAD to. And YAY! I could. Woot woot. As the bird moved back and fourth, up and down, I realized that this was the perfect adventure.

What I learned from this adventure…

1.) The pirate community really do party like rockstars

2.) They don’t care for money, only good times and good people

3.) ….they don’t lock their doors….I’m just saying.


Until my next adventure….

Adios peoples!


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