Smexy Time!

Let me start you off with a conversation that kinda inspired me to do this blog…

Me: i like my new set up too
Me: its simple but fucking hawt *humps her computer screen*
Clarke: laughs
Clarke: Careful not to get electrocuted.
Me: I always use protection

I wasn’t kidding when I said that I always use protection. Ha!



Onward! Or something….fuckit, here’s the outfit I picked for this post…


Wam bam, thank you ma’am!

This outfit is called…

Sexy Delight : Marketplace or In-world

Cost: 75L

This outfit includes: Two shirts (white and blue) and two jeans (skinny and flare)

Now I’ve been going to this store forever. [AvB] has always had the sexiest outfits I’ve ever seen under 125L. I love the texture of the shirt, it looks good in pictures and in-world. The jeans have always been my favorite, I always mix-n-match with them. I’ve been complimented on how awesome my jeans looked, well, here’s the secret….its [AvB].


Recognize these babies?

Ballet Flats Black : In-world

Cost : 65L

I love these shoes. When I was co-blogging over at [lav]ish[char]ms…I used these shoes for a couple of outfits. I can’t help it! They’re so cute and simple. And now, Grumble even has a Mesh version of these. Very cute. As far as I know, they just put them up. So go check out the store.

Now something for all you new readers…Grumble is probably the easiest place to get giftcards. Theres 8 mania boards (or something like that) and if you join the group, they have a big board just for members. Basically you can decorate your house, get a whole new wardrobe, get some jewelry, and matching shoes….all for FREE. Just sign up for the boards!


Now I normally never did this at my other blog…but meh, I do what I want now. *grins big*

I’m going to share with you the skin, shape, and where I got my hair.

Lets start off with….Shape!

LindsaySHAPE : Marketplace

Cost : 99L

This is a shape that I’ve made. I think its uber cute. Then again, I could be biased. Who knows. *sticks out her tongue*
Lindsay has always been one of my favorite shapes. The eye shape, in my opinion, really makes the shape worthwhile.


For the Skin…

 ::VMC:: Sara Skin-TanNrml : In-world

Cost : 0L

This was actually a group gift. Location is right by the front doors of the store. They have TONS of choices there if you join group. They also have free shapes and clothes. ::VMC:: is one of my favorite stores to shop because it is so cheap. Its definitely worth checking out.


As for the Hair…

Magika Break : Marketplace or In-world

Cost : 250L

Along with my Acid/LSD former life…I believe that I was born in the south…only because I LOVE big hair. This hair is so flowy and big that it just makes me feel all petite and cutey patootie. I rarely have any bad reviews on Magika anyways. *giggles*


Since theres a theme to this blog…

One of my favorite happy songs, ever.

Til next time folks!


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