Fresh Start

Today starts a new day for [lav]ish.

My name is Valory, you can call me Val.
I have a wee bit of an addiction to shopping on marketplace and sometimes you can catch me in-world at some stores. I loooove bargain deals. Why waste so much money on something you can find for cheaper? Exactly, you wouldn’t. Basically, I’ll be showing you outfits, houses, landmarks, and whatever I can find so that you can make your SecondLife the best time you’ve ever had.

Enough about that….let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have no-filter, an “acid tongue“, and I love using sarcasm with those who don’t quite get it. *grins* Basically, I’m a big butthead.

Now this past week has been a doozey. I planned a week filled with events in a game called Sociolotron with my gal pal, Tazz. Man, that was exhausting, but we pulled it off. 😀

During my free-time, I decided to get on SecondLife and rearrange my skybox.

I went from barely any land and a huge house (which I didn’t need) to a smaller house with lots of land to play on.

I got the house from marketplace, duh!

Thorenbuilt-Cottage “Cape Cod” : Marketplace or In-world

Cost: 99L

It has one room BUT its small for a single person, like myself. It also won’t eat up your prims. Under 20 prims! C’mon now! What a deal! I decorated the walls with Hogwarts banners, slideshows, put a bed in there, and a massage chair. I don’t need much…I’m usually outside anyways.


The trees were my second favorite find that evening. Guess where I found them…..*waits* Marketplace! Duh!

KANDI BUILD Fantasy maple fat pack : Marketplace

Cost: 99L

I bought the non-copy version of these trees at the store. They do, however, have a copy-version of these trees for 199L. The trees are bright, they’re modify, and they come with shadows. I really do believe that I was an Acid/LSD addict in a former life. Bright colors make me happy 😀

Now the firepit…I found at a lucky chair place. The place is no longer available. *frowns* I tried today. Basically, I got it for free…I did spend hours waiting for the damn letter “V” to show up.


I’m OBSESSED with Greedy. So for my rezz day present to myself, I bought myself one. I splurged…all over your face. Ha!

K.R. Engineering Headquarters : In-world

Cost: 1995L

Hot tub add-on: 199L

Yes! My Greedy table can sit in a hot tub for those hot summer nights…I’m just saying. Best investment I’ve made, ever. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent already playing on this greedy table, but it is sure my favorite thing to do.


Its ¡ZING! time!

Did you really think I’d give this up? C’mon, I get to embarrass myself and my friends…duh. If you’ve never seen my ¡ZING! moments before, this is where I post convos that I’ve encountered that I found extremely amusing…got it? Good!


Dele: well i lost my god tweezers


Some random dude at infohub: yeah, i pluck over my nose
Me: over your nose and through the woods to grandmothers house we go


Now this one has a story behind it. I suggested that Dele should stick a pineapple up her vag to keep herself awake. I was joking around, but, some dude got offended and started a private message with me. He said that the way I talked was inappropriate and kinda hinted at reporting me. Before you go all TOS crap on me, I did ask for permission to post his stuff.

Some dude: “I’ve had people banned for less”

*rolls eyes* So I replied with…

Me: are you the leader of the pineapple union or something?
Me: defender of the vag?

*laughs* I crack myself up.


Me: ill brb
Marc: ok
Me: k back
Marc: front
Me: side
Marc: top
Me: dammit!
Me: bottom
Marc: haha
Me: ha!
Marc: other side
Me: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!
Me: other top?
Me: lol
Marc: haha
Me: inside!
Me: and outside!
Me: so neener!

He’s a tricky one.


Me: phanku kid 😀
Clarke: …
Me: i put a smiley face, therefore, its not mean at all to call you kid
Clarke: yeah…
Clarke: You’re such a cunt. 🙂
Clarke: Wow it actually works
Clarke: That totally doesn’t even look insulting.
Me: hahahahaha
Clarke: Assface. 🙂
Me: Motherfucking cuntrag 🙂
Clarke: totally works. Yeast licker. 🙂
Me:  See, I taught you something! 😀
Clarke: laughs

I taught him something. Woot!

Clarke: I’m sorry who am I again? *tries to shake off the sleep*
Me: Patooie, you come from the planet Uranus, you have three nipples.
Clarke: Laughs


What you can look forward to…

Guest bloggers

More posts

Videos/fun pictures

Adventures with friends

…and lots more!

Also, I will be using shapes from my marketplace store for some outfits. You can visit my store by clicking here. Shapes for less than 100L. And I always have ONE shape for sale.

If you want me to feature something that you created/designed/whatever, you can contact me in-world at ValoryMarie Resident or you can send me a message via facebook.

Don’t forget to join my group in SecondLife: [lav]ish

Til next time, ADIOS!


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  1. Hahaha nice. 😀 I love it.

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